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By: k5 | posted in Compare gas and electricity prices, Oregon |
Date: January 13th, 2011

Oregon deregulated natural gas & electricity providers

Regulated natural gas rates in Oregon

Commodity prices in $/therm

Regulated Gas SuppliersMonthly Fee $Residential Variable PriceCommercial Variable Rate
NW Natural$5.00$1.10644$1.12454
Cascade Natural GasNANANA
Avista Services$6.50 $1.1226NA

Oregon Deregulated natural gas & electricity prices

Deregulated natural gas rates in Oregon

Currently, we do not have deregulated natural gas information for Oregon. This may be because the market hasn’t deregulated as yet. If it has, it is likely Oregon is outside of our current service areas.

Oregon gas & electricity prices

Electricity providers and rates in Oregon

Commodity prices in c/kWh

Investor-Owned Electric UtilitiesService ChargeEnergy Charge
Portland General Electric (PGE)$9.00 – $14.00First 1,000 kWh = 6.778 c/kWh

Over 1,000 kWh = 7.500 c/kWh
Idaho Power Company$8.00First 300 kWh = 5.797 c/kWh
Over 300 kWh = 7.160 c/kWh
Pacific Power (PacifiCorp)$9.00First 300 kWh = 5.008 c/kWh
Over 300 kWh = 6.827 c/kWh
Cooperative Electric UtilitiesService ChargeEnergy Charge
Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative--
Central Electric Cooperative$11.75Apr – Oct = 7.33 c/kWh
Nov – Mar = 7.07 c/kWh
Consumers Power--
Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative Inc.--
Douglas Electric Cooperative--
Lane Electric Cooperative$30.006.05 c/kWh
Midstate Electric Cooperative Inc.$18.005.90 c/kWh
Salem Electric$5.206.87 c/kWh
Umatilla Electric Cooperative$9.006.72 c/kWh
West Oregon Electric Cooperative Inc.$29.50First 500 kWh = $0.1288
500 – 1,200 kWh = $0.0974
Over 1,200 kWh = $0.0834
Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative--
Hood River Electric Cooperative$10.00 – $15.005.75 c/kWh
Wasco Electric Cooperative$18.006.86 c/kWh
Surprise Valley Electric Corporation$10.005.90 c/kWh
Columbia Basin Cooperative--
Harney Electric Cooperative--
Columbia Power Cooperative--
Columbia Rural Electric (Wash.)--
Umpqua Indian Utility Co-op--
Peoples Utility Districts (PUDs)Service ChargeEnergy Charge
Central Lincoln PUD$17.006.31 c/kWh
Columbia River PUD$7.005.90 c/kWh
Emerald PUD--
Tillamook PUD$14.006.50 c/kWh
Clatskanie PUD$8.004.25 c/kWh
Northern Wasco PUD$7.50First 300 kWh = 5.864 c/kWh
Over 300 kWh = 5.084 c/kWh
Municipal Electric UtilitiesService ChargeEnergy Charge
City of Ashland Electric Department$7.73First 500 kWh = 5.259 c/kWh
Over 500 kWh = 6.469 c/kWh
City of Bandon--
Eugene Water & Electric Board$7.00

(Nov – Apr)
First 800 kWh = 4.356 c/kWh
Next 2,200 kWh = 6.001 c/kWh
Over 3,000 kWh = 7.220 c/kWh

(May – Oct)
First 800 kWh = 4.356 c/kWh
Next 900 kWh = 6.001 c/kWh
Over 1,700 kWh = 7.220 c/kWh

McMinnville Water & Light$7.87First 1,000 kWh = 4.139 c/kWh
1,000 – 1,500 kWh = 4.536 c/kWh
Over 1,500 kWh = 4.536 c/kWh
Springfield Utility Board$9.004.63 c/kWh
City of Forest Grove$12.60First 1,000 kWh = 4.83 c/kWh
Over 1,000 kWh = 5.67 c/kWh
Canby Utility Board--
Forest Grove Light & Power$12.60First 1,000 kWh = 4.83 c/kWh
Over 1,000 kWh = 5.67 c/kWh
Milton-Freewater Light & Power$11.004.84 c/kWh
City of Monmouth--
City of Drain--
City of Cascade Locks--
Hermiston Energy Services--

Basic Information

Variable Rate Plan (Month to Month)
A variable rate plan allows you to pay for your natural gas and electricity each month at the current cents-per-therm rate, which may change at any time depending on market conditions.

Fixed Rate Plan (3 Months & Upto 60 Months Contract)
A fixed rate plan allows you to contract with an alternative natural gas & electricity supplier of your choice and to be billed at the same cents-per-therm for natural gas or cents-per-kilowatt-hour for electricity and the same customer service charge for a specified period of time.

Tips: what you need to know before signing a long-term fixed-rate natural gas & electricty contracts.



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By: k5

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