Sears Canada is now selling Playboy in their WishBook?

Playboy in Sears Canada 2012 Wishbook

The Sears Wish Book is a book full of gift ideas and this year it made some parents angery.

On September 24, 2012, Sears Canada was the Winner of PTPA’s Award. PTPA stand for Parent Tested Parent Approved Media, which it claim to be the leading Awards Program for families in North America. Around the same time this award was rewarded to Sears, the Sears 2012 WishBook came out containing the Playboy icons and many parents did not approve that.

The wrote about moms being angry at Sears for adding Playboy icons/logo to Sears website and the 2012 Wish Book.

Cleary-Escott, who writes a blog called, I Am Funny Like That!, and is the mother of a 12-year-old daughter, said she was upset to see the placement of the products in the iconic catalog and promptly let her readers know.

Shauna J Duncan wrote on Sears Facebook page.

“Dear marketing director for the wish book 2012….. I am completely disgusted that sears has used a young girl on page 18 & 19 of this years wish book in an ad to sell Playboy merchandise! GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE!…. As a family I usually enjoy getting the Wishbook. We sit around with it and look at things and my daughter goes through it for Christmas ideas…this year when she brought it to me and showed me items she circled that she was hoping to get for Christmas I just about fell over when I saw pages 18-19. Playboy has no place in the Wishbook with Tweens sporting their gear! Bad Call Sears!”

Sears customers are complaining about the Playboy items being promoted to young children. Considering many of sears customers are moms and dads with small children and they do not what to see the playboy brand because playboy is an pornographic company.

While other parents are angry seeing the Playboy items on the WishBook, however, there are others simply say don’t buy these Playboy products for your kids.

What do you think? Should Sears remove Playboy items in the kids section? will you buy them for your kids? Do you think it is ok for young girls to wear playboy products?

Playboy in Sears website

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One thought on “Sears Canada is now selling Playboy in their WishBook?

  1. While other mother and father are upset seeing the Playboy magazine items on the WishBook, however, there are others basically say do not buy these Playboy magazine items for your children.

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