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By: Electricity Companies | posted in Complaints, Reviews |
Date: March 14th, 2010

Why are people going door-to-door asking to see your utility bills, Enbridge bills, or gas and electricity bills?

Do you wonder why there are people knocking on your door asking for the homeowner and they want to see your utility, energy, hydro (electricity), or gas bill?

These door-to-door people are sale people and they may seem legit by wearing a full uniform, but do not let that fool you. They are not from your local gas and electricity providers or any government body. If there is something wrong with your gas and electricity, your gas and electricity provider will call you to make an appointment. They will not visit your home unannounced and they will NOT ask to see your account number or your utility bills, hydro bill, Enbridge bill.

The main reason they want to see your gas and electricity bills is because they need your account number. With your account number and your signature, they can switch you to a new gas and electricity provider where you may pay more for your gas and electricity. You won’t notice anything different until 30-60 days later when you get your gas and electricity bills and notice the price jumped.

Read this article on thestar.com called Don’t sign sales deals at your door, also read this about Who’s that knocking at your door? and this Alternative gas and electricity providers face fines over claims.

Tactics used by door-to-door energy sales

The above video was broadcast on national TV by CBC aired on March 20, 2009. See what people are saying about this video.

“..consumers have complained about pushy door-to-door sales from utility marketers, leading some to enter into contracts that have raised their bills by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.” Source: www.cbc.ca

What you need to know about door-to-door energy sales

From time to time, there will be someone from your local gas and electricity provider checking your meter, however they will let you know ahead of time before visiting your home and they will never ask for your gas and electricity account number or your energy bills. They will NOT ask you to sign anything.

If someone comes to your door indicating they are there to provide gas and electricity services on behalf your local gas and electricity providers, ask to see ID.

If a person claims to be an representative from your local gas & electricity provider but cannot produce valid ID:

  • Do not allow them into your home.
  • Do not provide any natural gas and electricity billing information.
  • Do not sign any document presented to you.

You will see many door-to-door gas and electricity sales agents when you move to a new home where you are responsible to pay for your utility bills. These gas and electricity sales agents will come knocking on your door wanting to see your gas and electricity bills. Do not show them anything unless you want to switch your energy supplier. They can switch you to another gas and electricity supplier that might cause you to end up paying more for gas or electricity.

The door-to-door gas and electricity sales agents might use fear tactics about raising natural gas and electricity prices. They want you to sign-up for their fixed rate gas and electricity price protection plan to save you money. Saving money sounds good, if only it were true.

Here are some of the things the door-to-door gas and electricity sale people like to tell homeowners:

“price protection code”
“price protection program”
“evergreen program”
“inspect the meter”
“make sure it is energy saver compliant”
“great savings on natural gas or electricity”

Do you really save money on long term fixed-rate gas and electricity plans?

The 1-5 years contract for fixed-rate gas and electricity price is a gamble, and it does not guarantee you any savings even though the door-to-door sale agents promise you savings on your gas and electricity cost.

The alternative gas and electricity providers who are profiting from this will say consumers are now complaining about the high cost of fixed-rate gas and electricity prices because the current price for gas and electricity is low.

These door-to-door energy sales agents rely on fear tactics. They use pressure tactics by being pushy and they want you to sign up without a lot of time to do your research. They will most likely not tell you about your rights to cancel the deal within 10-30 days.

There is only one reason you want to join this fixed-rate gas and electricity program.

1) You prefer a fixed-rate so you can budget for your future expenses.

If you really want a fixed-rate gas and electricity price, we suggest you look for one online. Don’t wait for these people randomly knock on your door.

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By: Electricity Companies

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