1 in 10 Deaths Are Foreigners in Chiang Mai Road Accidents 2018

Report from MIS, a Thai organization for sustainable road accident safety.

The report says:

In 2018, Chiang Mai road accidents were 5,401 accidents, 50 deaths, 6,057 injuries

Sansai District (in northern part of Chiang Mai) 1,310 accidents, 29 deaths, 1,418 injuries

In the 25 districts around Chiang Mai, road accidents from January 1 to November 16, 2018, 13,051 cases, 246 deaths, 14,465 injuries, including 25 deaths are foreigners, with 1,100 foreigners injured

Out of 246 deaths so far in 2018, 25 deaths were foreigners in Chiang Mai road accidents.

1 in 10 deaths are foreigners

25 foreigners died in Chiang Mai road accidents sound a lot, but according to this article by the Thai government

In 2016, Chiang Mai welcomed about 9.6 million Thai and international tourists. The number is likely to increase to 10 million in 2017. The TAT Chiang Mai Office has prepared many tourism activities all year round to attract more tourist arrivals. Among them are those concerning sports tourism, medical tourism, and cultural tourism.

25 foreign deaths out of about 8 or 10 million foreign visitors is a tiny number, but it is still important to get a medical travel insurance.

14,465 injuries with 1,100 foreign injured, about 7.6% injured are foreigners.

16-25 years old are more likely to get in road accidents

The report says, the accident statistics show most injuries and deaths are people in the age of 16-25 years old.

6pm to 10pm are more likely to get in road accidents

The higher number of accidents occurred during the evening between 6pm to 10pm.

Motorbikes & scooters are more likely to get in road accidents

Majority of the deaths and accidents involve motorbikes.

The report says, in Chiang Mai province, there is a total of about 20,000 sq km of roads and about 2 million vehicles registered.

I think most of the road accidents occurred during the evenings because it’s still during the rush hours when people rushing to go home from work, school or going out for dinner.

I also think, the visibility is also a factor. When it gets dark, it is harder to see.

Then you have the age, more people from the age of 16-25 get in more road accidents. I think because the lack of diving experience, speeding, not wearing a helmet will increase the chance of casualties. I also think alcohol is another factor, more younger Thais tend to drink and drive.

Lastly, there are many people using motorbikes or scooters on the roads of Thailand. If you are on a scooter and crash going 40 miles an hour, you can get a good scar. Unlike a new car today, which is on 4 wheels and harder to flip over and they normally come with air bags. Which make many cars more safe than motorbikes and scooters.

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