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I, Vinay Sharma a resident of Brampton have been scammed and cheated by Active Energy. Beware of their sales people knocking door to door & forciblly making their entry into your property promising you lower utility rated and asking to see your utility bills. I my case they have really crossed the limits of even forging my signature on their contract paper which I could only became aware of when I saw their first bill of $ 44.98 on my Enbridge bill. Thats yet another curtain raiser that how come a reputed company like Enbridge has shaken hands with a fraud Active Energy company and allowing their bills to be printed on theirs. Surprisingly when I called Enbridge regarding this they said they have nothing to do with this & I have to call Active Energy. I was very much upset by this answer from Enbridge. But had no option other than to call Active. Amazingly either there is no one in their customer care unit or they are so busy with their scam that I was on hold till my patient expired after 70 minutes when I myself hung up the phone. But I kept calling on them when I finally got hold of a lady who told me that I signed a contract with them & thats the charges are for and will be coming everymonth. I was shocked to know that. But she did send me a copy of contract as an email attachment to me when I came to know for the first time that my signature was forged. Even then it said the contract is only valid if after being signed the owner gets a detailed copy of contract + a pack of registration forms and brochures + I confirm them on phone within 15 days of mine acceptance of contract, all of which I never got. Now they are asking me $500 to get out of this contract. Is there any authority who can act to save people from this scam company hiding under Enbridge and ask Enbridge why they are harbouring such a scam company. I am not revealing the names of this company employees as they are any other employees of any company.

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39 thoughts on “Active Energy only a ____

  1. I am also a resident of Brampton and a door to door salesman from Active energy got to my wife which has a language barrier, he showed to my home as an Embridge representative, my wife didnt know what to do and got her to answer some questions over the phone, he manipulated her to answer the questions while he had the speaker phone on, and he left and assure that she didnt do anything wrong, he did not leave a copy of anything. she told me about it, but i didnt know where to call, since he left no papers. 2 months later i notice that Active energy enroll me in some programs totalling $52.98/ month. I called them and i asked them to send me a copy of this contracts that i never agreed to,they e-mail it, surely they where not signed by my wife. so far I've send 2 letters of cancellations the first one on the grounds of misrepresentations and the second to assure them that the signatures were not of my wife and i included a witness to corroborate, because they asked me to send them 2 pcs of ID to verify the signatures and i dondt feel confortable sending this kind of info to them. Does anyone know what more i can do to cancel this contract?

      1. thanks for the quick reply.

        I called OEB and they do not deal with this type of contracts which is total home plan and carbon offset, they only deal with gas related issues. I have to call the ministry of consumer relations. My questions is, is it safe to share ID info with this energy co. to prove the signature are not of hers.

      2. hmm I don't know. If you are afraid to send the ID's in, I would photocopy it and black out or cut out the numbers and other sensitive information before sending them in.

    1. They came to my door and my elderly mother opened it for them – not realizing I was close at hand – they went through selling shpeal and almost got her to sign , when I stepped in – and the SOB told me I had no business sticking my nose into his conversation with my mom. Well I told him to wait just a minute, I came back with my Smith & Wesson 44 and geve him 10 seconds to remove his foot off my floor otherwise I would blow if off. He was kind enough to remove his foot and left quitely

  2. My friend I am also a victim of Active Energy Scam. Their door to door knocking agents are so well trained in their business that once you open your door for them, then you have no escape. It seems they have links very high up in the system and Active Energy is providing shares to all those to enjoy the scammed amount from innocent people as there is no authority out there to really listen to you. Once you are cluched in the only way of your escape is to give them whatever money in the range of $500 to $600 they ask you. No Better Business Beaurow, Lawyer or Court will help you as they have very high links. There products aren't seen anywhere neither they provide you gas nor electricity nor any kind of service yet they keep scaming the innocent people especially the new immigrants who dont know many things and are working hard to setup their families in a new world & hardly any energy left at day end to deal with these scams. Just take it as a learning experience and dont entertain any door knocks. And advertise your experience by all means and media internet etc. I am sure this & type of these businesses will come to a close pretty soon as God is there to do the ultimate justice even when no authority is there to help.

  3. To all concerned, beware of these Energy scamming sharks as there is no one out there to save those getting victimised. Govt. will not do anything to nib this evil as some reviewer is right. Authorities have shaken hands with these sharks and companies like Enbridge or Union gas is harbouring these energy sharks right underneath them. So common people please protect yourself as there is no one out there to save you once you get bitten by them. Just shut the door or never entertain anyone coming up with a word ENERGY. I was scammed by people coming to my door showing Enbridge ID and the bill started pouring to me from a scam company called Active Energy. Govt. should really take this matter as priority before many people get scammed.

  4. my wife just get scammed to active energy.

    I read all comment. I need you as witnesses because, I will do whatever to bring them dow. send me an e mail if you are interested. thank you.

  5. let the business bureau know. You can get fair compensation from active energy if you press charges… for a forgery under the criminal code of canada $5000 max charged for unfair damages less than $5000 like $500. Then go on a vacation. now a days bogus signature are less common, agents tend impersonate customers on telephone calls in their own companies to approve contract under the new rule, since OEB got strict as of 2012.

  6. pls advise, I just found out that the 19.99 carbon offset charge is an investment to reduce future carbon emmissions. I was told by the agent that it was going to lower my bill. Things like delivery to you will be replaced by this charge. I am furious as I just called active energy and the agent told me that I am locked in with the for 5 years and its a 240 dollar cancellation fee. He told me that I signed a contract which I didn't and that he was going to send it to me. I am expecting and already have alot on my plate and don't need this. How do I get out of this? The agent actually wrote his name and number and I have also been trying to call him but he's not replying or calling me back.

  7. OMG!!!! my mom just found out yesterday in her Direct Energy bill that Active Energy is and was included in her bill since July of 2011, she was paying around 59.00 monthly. She called Direct Energy and advised that she signed (which she never did nor met this scam bugs) contract for 5 yrs with this people and the only way to cancel is to pay the penalty around 500.00, how did they let this happened, my mom is retired and scam laike this is not acceptable at all, how can she fight this and how can she gets her money back? I felt like this country let us down letting these people do this, and I could not imagine that Direct Energy let this happened without letting her know. So much trust she put with Direct Energy and let her down. What can we do??

  8. Im also another victim,as if you are saing what happend to me,now somthing happen in my heating at home & i called them & left a msg but no one call me back. i called them many time to cancell but cancellation fee is 500$ , i live in mississauga so i think those people everywhere

  9. They came to my door today and got my mom to sign all the papers. Thanks to everyone here I will cancel immediately tomorrow when I can get them on the phone. They have to provide you with the Disclosure Statement and it allows you to cancel within 10 days and also need verification over the phone with you or else the contract is null. You can also cancel up to 30 days after you recieve your first bill under the contract! There is hope for everyone tricked by these thieves.

    1. Can you please provide more information on the statement about cancelling up to 30 days after you receive your first bill?

  10. i got scammed the same way by JUST ENERGY, their name shows up on my enbridge bill. im paying 250/mth my neighbours are paying 150. i didnt sign a contract apparently i cashed in a cheque for 29.99 from them then in fine print on the back it said u are enrolling with us for 5 years at 33cents/unit whereas the average is 11/cents so im payinng triple the average. can they be taken to court?

  11. Here's what I don't get. Enbrigde is the local gas suppiler and they need to make profit, then you have these private companies like Active Energy and they need to make profit. Active get their gas from Enbridge and sells it at a higher price because Active need to make profit. See what I mean? There's no reason to go with Active to save money, you don't save money, just the peace of mind that your gas price is lock at the same prize and not save money…


    1. Any new news for this scam? I was also scammed by Active Energy, they want me to pay 540 to cancel the contract.

      1. My mom recently found out that she’s been scammed by this evil company called Active Energy as well. The contract that the agent said she signed has a forged signature on there. My mom never signed any contract with them, but didn’t become aware that she was being charged through her Enbridge bill, until early this year when Active Energy started billing separately from Enbridge. I am totally enraged! Contact me if you want me to join your cause to bring Active Energy down for good, so no more innocent people become victimized.

  13. Same thing happened to me. It was my wife who was scammed. They did not leave any contact info and no copy of contract. It took me about 10 days to figure out it was Active Energy. When I called them, I found that we are in contract of 5 years. The Active Energy refused to cancel the contract without receiving a penalty of $480 even though it was the 11th day (5 business day) of so called "contract". I called OEB and they told me that they would investigate it as Active Energy has clearly breached the code of conduct. Waiting for the investigation to be completed. I am interested in filing a law suit or going to small court. Let me know if anyone else is interested.

    1. I was also scammed by these marketers from Active Energy.They did not leave me any copy of the contract, so when I was surprised to see my Enbridge bill, I called Active Energy and told them that I would like to cancel the so called "contract". They told me I should pay a penalty of around $450 to cancel the contract. Let me know what we can do to fight these scammers.My email is

    2. same happened to me I want to take this matter to higher lavel. please let me know if you know any lawyer.

    3. I am an other victim of this scam, Please let me know if you have some thing new, hope to get out of this call" Active energy"
      Wait for you

  14. They are doing exactly to us too. Forge the signature, got all information with the lie that they from Government. How can they do this!! God will punish all of them!

  15. I just called the complaints department at Active Energy. I got scammed 1 month ago. TWO very "pushy" sales people came to my door when I was not feeling well and duped me into getting into this contract. No paperworks were left for me to read. I had to wait for my Enbridge bill to arrive before I can do something about it. I am furious!! The only wait to get out of this to pay for the cancellation fee which is about $400.
    This is the number I called if you want o complain to Active Energy

  16. I am too, is an other victim of Active energy, I am some how get in the contract with out knowing that is a contract!!! I am retired , can't afford paying this non sences scam! please someone help me .

  17. I am too, is an other victim of Active energy, I am some how get in the contract with out knowing that is a contract!!! I called Active energy, those crook told me to pay 480.00$! I like to supppot those people to lawsuit this scam company and close their business!

  18. Hey all,

    I am also a victim of this fraudulent group, well, the way I see it, to some $500 dollars might be alot, to others it might not.

    The true matter is, we got scammed in our own homes. It's different for someone to rob you, but not this sort of day light robbery. It is a shame that companies such as Enbridge and etcetera allow this sort of process. The gas suppliers should call us directly first to 100% certify and explain to their customers the information and concerns surrounding these fraudulent companies before making changes on their accounts.

    If we have enough support for class action law suit then lets do something about this and save our selves and future victims. This is our country, and we cannot allow this to happen.

    We could do something about it, or not, its your call.

  19. I am just get a mail from a manager of Active Energy, who named Mrs. Melissa Bond. It said " Could you tell me if you will be completing and returning the complaint form I sent on Sept 11, 2012?"
    I replied as the following:
    I have just read many other forgery cases which are frouded by Active Energy from mail sent by my friend. Those victims of those forgery and fake contracts made by Active Energy are suffering. They wrote their suffering down and put them on line. I am very shaken for what they said. I don't understand that why you and your company do such bad thing to this society? Most of all, is that I find out that your complaint form is just like another set-up, a trap. On the form, the choices of comment on the contract contain three tricky questions, all are drowing people to acccept the contract, not mention any of the forgery. This form would make me accept those two invalid and forgery contracts. How could you still try to make a trap to me while I am telling you that you have made those two forgery and invalid contracts?

  20. active energy came to my door just now. she was VERY pushy, i read everything, i have 10 days to cancell and i must wait for a phone call to confirm. she left me her number too, your all saying i should cancell this now?

    ps in the end when she was leaving she was nice and assured me she is not a scam (cause i started to ask her about locals getting scamed by energy companies)

  21. today is now april 2013 i am also a victim, a guy came to my door on nov.28,2012 claiming to be a gov. employee enrolling people to get discount from hydro and he asked for my compuetr to enroll me coz his laptop is not connecting.he asked for my hydo bill and enbridge to enroll me so i will get the discount. after two mos. i see the enbredge bill active energy with 50 dollars administration fee.i was mad and called them to cancel the contract at the same time i called enbridge and ask what to do .they refer me to ontario energy i called the o.e.board and rellay my story and want to cancel the contract. i said that i never sign for active energy.i callled active energy back and asked them to cancell the contract and i was told to pay 750. 00 for both hydro and enbridge and my credit rating will be destroyed if i cancell,however it did not matter to me at that time what they say because i felt that i was lied to and my privacy has been violated and no way i will be the one to pay for someone's misleading way to run a business.I asked for the contract bec. i never received one in the mail or tel. to confirm it.i received the contract with an email address that they created for me,however i received a letter from them that they will cancel the contract and waived the fee but takes 2 months before there company will disappear in my bill from enbridge then only i could send them the copies of my bill and wait for six weeks before they could refund my i called oeboard again because they have also enrolled me with hydro and want to make sure that one is also terminated or cancelled.i am very upset and now i realized i am not the only victim can reach me at my emal address this happened to me just this month

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