Another MLM company? by Just Energy

Have you heard of a company called Momentis by Just Energy? It is currently operating in London, Barrie, Toronto, Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada. Also, in USA, Momentis is opening meetings in cities like New York and Buffalo.

Momentis is the sale arm of Just Energy. Just Energy sells fixed-rate gas and electricity prices, operating in both Canada and US. Just Energy was formerly known as U.S Energy Savings.

Just Energy had been charged for alleged misleading sales for selling their fixed rate gas & electricity contracts. Read more at Madigan files suit against U.S. Energy Savings Corp (now operating as Just Energy).

Five months after The Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan files suit against US. Energy Savings Corp. for accusation of misleading sales tactics to sell gas and electricity prices. The Attorney General of New York Andrew Cuomo made a settlement with U.S. Energy Savings (Just Energy) for alleged misleading marketing and order to pay $200,000 in costs and penalties to the state. Read more at Attorney General Cuomo Stops Wny Natural Gas and Electricity Provider From Deceiving Consumers By Misrepresenting Service Contracts

In May 2009, Madigan ordered $1 million in consumer restitution from an alternative gas and electricity supplier Just Energy for accusation of deceptive claims. Read more at Madigan Secures $1 Million In Consumer Restitution From Alternative Gas Supplier For Deceptive Claims

There is a large list of accusations against U.S Energy Savings now operating as Just Energy. Including charges and accusations from Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), Citizens Utility Board (CUB), AARP, and The Better Business Bureau. Read all the charges against Just Energy here.

However, the company denies any wrongdoing.

Here’s a small paragraph from Wikipedia (the worlds’ biggest website) have about this type of MLM system.

MLM companies have been a frequent subject of controversy as well as the target of lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price-fixing of products, high initial start-up costs, emphasis on recruitment of lower-tiered salespeople over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring salespeople to purchase and use the company’s products, potential exploitation of personal relationships which are used as new sales and recruiting targets, complex and sometimes exaggerated compensation schemes, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion. Not all MLM companies operate the same way, and MLM groups have persistently denied that their techniques are anything but legitimate business practices. ~ Wikipedia

Some members are making good money with Momentis, it may be for you or it may not.


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14 thoughts on “Another MLM company?

  1. If this comment were remotely accurate it would be mildly interesting. Momentis is offering 1 and 3 year fixed products. These products work like a fixed rate mortgage, many but not all customers enjoy the peace of mind of not having to watch NYMEX natural gas prices every day. If a customer likes to monitor these daily prices, fixed rate may not be for them. Momentis is similar to Stream/Ignite and Ambit – both solid companies. Just Energy is publically accountable for their finances and publically traded – unlike those other two. If you are not interested in extra money and an amazing opportunity, then Momentis isn't for you.

    1. Please point out which part is not accurate?

      I am interested in making money, but to work for a company with a history of unethical practices is not my cup of tea.

  2. I want to add this,

    If this is such a great deal, why Just Energy or Momentis are charging people to join? I'm talking about $249-$399 with an annual fee of $99 that must be paid for renewal each year.

    If this is so good, why don't they let people join for free? If people were going to join to make money for themselves and Momentis, why not free? But that's not the case, you'll have to pay.

    And if you want bonus, you must enroll 2 customers to start earning bonus within 30 days. So, they want you and one more sucker to join and lock both of you in.

    1. At&T actually pays you to switch ur services to them $300 dollars

      bullshit you not just hit them up and you know At&t has pretty much been around for a long as time

      and momentis ? what who the fuck is that ? what is it ?

      a freakin video game momentis lol or is it a new ice cream flavor lol

      of course not its a freakin scam company regulating energy scams from Canada and you know they will get busted soon along with all its members it happened in Chicago , Texas just Energy is Actually (DANGER STAY AWAY) Momentis

      California has very strict laws Watch Momentis Grow then Watch Momentis Fall

      Enjoy the Show Everyone just don't get involved stay on the sidelines and keep on laughing at this Stupid Scamming Company Momentis they are talking the talk lets see if they can Walk the Walk I see them tripping and falling Already lol

  3. Well anybody knows mlm in good ways and bad way. If you use the mlm in good ways it will give you a fortune or residual income for you when you can't work anymore example waking-up at 5am in the morning every weeks summer,fall,winter(who wants to work during winter time?).Bad ways is that we using it for false information just to join in and not understanding the system you just want to suck in and leave the poor stranger with family to feed. Sound familiar…

    My point is we work to bring money in the table we should think smart…get it…Momentis -Just Energy is the one, compare your billssssssssssss…..every month are you gettinggg…something….out of your pocket…NOW THINK BIG..GET OUT IN THE BOX….>>>

    1. Ok sure, mlm can be good or bad. For what we know the company behind this mlm company is Just Energy and Just Energy has a trouble past.

  4. Just when you thought you knew who the bad guys were…

    Just Energy has started operating in Canada under the name Momentis. They apparently don’t use door-to-door tactics, but relationship marketing. People sign up to become independent contractors with the promise of making lots of money. They switch their own services first, then get their friends to sign up either for their gas and/or electricity, or to be an independent contractor themselves.

    A friend introduced me to someone who is doing this. She was surprised when I pulled my gas & electricity bills out of my purse. I am very aware of what I pay and their rate is twice the rate from the public utility.

    Don’t be stupid. If there’s money to be made, it will be on the backs of the people you’ve duped. They even quote Warren Buffet, as if he endorses this.

    It’s kind of ironic though, isn’t it? The advice to get out of your contract is to change your name on your utility, and Just Energy has changed theirs.

    1. DUDE this is the biggest scam i have ever seen you are just saying its cool and that you make lots of money because you are already a weasel to their scams and got scammed don't lie to people

      you got burned hard just admit it

  5. Thanks for posting this company called momentis just started scamming people in California

    my aunt fell for it and switched her internet from at&t to their service of clear wire and says the internet is super slow and the 4g reception sucks balls and got slammed with a 3 year contract that sucks .

    plus she also noticed a huge increase in her electricity bill and gas she says that all she is gonna do is scam people to join to get her money back

    so if you guys run into someone from momentis run these con people are pros don't let them fuck you over

    why pay $300 dollars to join Momentis when At&T pays you $300 to join them you get phone internet and cable plus they send you $300 dollars

    these post you guys put here are freakin helpful thanks everyone good looking out!

  6. Hey, wish y'all knew what you were talking about. Momentis is a marketing arm owned by Just Energy.

    Just Energy has the lowest rates in Ontario, only sells commercial hydro in California and really is a Business Opportunity for those that can handle MLM, its not for everyone, basic price is $299 to open your own business, great tax benifits also, they also have a switch back program, costs $25 to switch to your old supplier, dont know where you get your false information. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth.

    Seems a lot of other companies are running scared, now they have to justify the high costs they have been charging, dont believe everything you read here in these blurps, check us out for yourself.

    A greatful Momentis Rep.

    1. And just because the people at work says they have the lowest rates, or they're the best. It doesn't mean it is true.

      Also it's not $25 dollars to switch back to the local gas and or electricity provider. It depends on your location, some places Just Energy charge between $50-$150 per year left on the contract. So if you have 4 years left, it may cost you $600 at $150 per year and not just $25 dollars.

  7. Hey just researched Momentis here in Texas-rates for electricity are 1/2 cent LOWER than my current 6-month contracted rate I entered into two months ago.I wish I could switch now but will have to wait four more months.They are also now offering Direct T.V. service,prices EXACTLY the same as all other companies here in Dallas.I shop my electric rate every six months or year, depends on the rate…Momentis rate is very competitive here in Texas.

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