Best restaurants in Hua Hin, Thailand?

Hua Hin Night Market


Cost: $$$-$$$$
Asian, Thai, European

My favorite seafood restaurants are located at Hua Hin Night Market. Three of the most popular are Lung Ja, Hua Hin Seafood, and KO Seafood Restaurant.

You will find some of the best seafood restaurants in town right here, as well as other products and produce you would expect from a Thai night market from fresh food, fruits, massages, and fashions.

Once you order your meal, it is cooked or BBQ on the spot in front of the restaurant and brought to your table.

Ruamsaeb Yokkhok

12.556549855151896, 99.96105113623344

Cost: $-$$

I don't know how to pronounce the name, but if you love Isan food, or if you would like to try real authentic Isan food, or if you want to impress an Isan person, bring them here but make sure you can eat it too.

Less than a minute's walk from one of the popular shopping malls in Hua Hin lies quite a hidden, yet amazing restaurant. If you even walked past it, you would more than likely miss seeing this place.

The Isan food was outstanding, the price is good, very flavorful (sweet, sour, spicy) and it's real Isan food without going to Isan. If you're not into spicy food, or generally you do not like Thai food and you like to eat indoors with air conditioning, you'd better not come.

There is a large menu with lots of dishes to choose from. Excellent choice of Som Tum, as well as other foods from the North East of Thailand. The som tum comes to the table looking like this. If this is your first time there, I would recommend - Spicy Larb glass noodle salad, #014 Northeastern-style spicy pork ribs soup, stir fried mixed veggies.

Some people might say the staff are not attentive, but who is in a rush in Thailand? When you need their attention, you just use the buzzer and they will come. I only learned about this after a few visits.

Just like any other popular eatery, it's best to avoid the peak hours, lunch and dinner. It gets busy for a reason - many local Thais come to eat here.

Soi 88 Food Court (Baan Khun Por Food Court)


Cost: $-$$
Thai, Indian, Seafood, Isan, European

This is not your usual food court. There are probably 50-70 stalls catering to different palates. A great variety of authentic Thai food, Isan to southern Thai, western, international, as well as Indian dishes. A great place to chill, have dinner or snacks, or just relaxing for some drinks.

There is live music and dancing during the weekend evenings, it can be very loud and if you don't know Thai, you won't know the songs. It's very popular with the locals and many expats come here. Huge outdoor type of eatery, but can be hard finding a seat during peak hour.

What you do is - find a table, check out the food, order & if the food takes a bit longer to prepare, give your table number. They will deliver to your table and then you hand over the cash.

Lots of seafood here - I just love my fresh oysters for only 100 baht and some fresh lime.

KO Seafood Restaurant


Cost: $$-$$$$

Located in Hua Hin Night Market.

Heaven's Kitchen


Cost: $$ - $$$
European, Asian, Thai, Germany, Mexican

The menu was extensive and consisted of Thai, Western & Mexican food, although I think they're not cheap but reasonable for tourists.

I ordered the chicken tacos and pop which cost 240 baht. It was freshly prepared, tasty, but I didn't find it that spectacular. However, if you are craving for some decent Mexican or other Western/European food in Hua Hin, check out Heaven's Kitchen.

Lung Ja

12.570975722771097, 99.95475608106062

Cost: $$ - $$$
Seafood, Asian, Thai

Located in Hua Hin Night Market.

Sakura Sushi


Cost: $$ - $$$
Japanese, Sushi, Asian, Thai

If you love Japanese food or if you are tired of Thai food and craving for some sushi, then this place is for you. The food is of good quality, fresh, tasty and great presentation. The price is not cheap but reasonable for tourists, although I find it not cheap, especially for high quality sushi and sashimi. That was why I only ordered the bento boxes.

I have yet to try other dishes, I'm sure they are just as good. Their menu is quite extensive and it is very rare to find a decent to good Japanese restaurant of this standard in Thailand. So far, I like their bento box options, the portion is not a Thai portion, it is a good size, and you might have a hard time finishing it.

If you want a Japanese buffet, there is a restaurant about 5 minutes up the street called” Own by the same people. They charge 299 baht ($10) per person; although the price might change by the time you watch this video.

Hua Hin Seafood

12.570755818338009, 99.95467275381088

Cost: $$ - $$$
Seafood, Asian, Thai

Located in Hua Hin Night Market.

Sea Harmony Eco Cafe

12.525336288494046, 99.97176128621504

Cost: $$ - $$$
Cafe, Asian, Thai, Fusion

This was one of the most expensive restaurants I visited in Hua Hin.

The restaurant is a house and the owner made the ground floor a restaurant and café. The front is a nicely decorated garden with different types of seating while inside has a modern look and ambience. You have the option to eat outdoors in the garden or inside. There was no air conditioning even indoors but it was not too hot and uncomfortable.

When I first came here, I didn't notice any signage on the main street, so it was a bit harder to find, for the first visit. Once I walked pass the restaurant, I was greeted by a quick bark from one of the bulldogs but then I was treated like family.

The food takes a while to prepare but I spent my time watching and playing with the dogs to pass the time.

If you're tired of eating the typical Thai street food or Thai diner experience, their organic ingredients and great vibe make it worth a change. I think my experience here was not your typical Thai food and restaurant experience.

I would say the atmosphere is by far my favourite, with the sound of the waterfall from the pond, the garden setting and the two cute British bulldogs. I felt very relaxed and it felt like I was at home.

The food was good and high quality. The lemon ice tea was very good, although it was 70 baht, which was the highest lemon ice tea I ever paid in Thailand. The meal was described as Isan style”, but for someone like myself who has eaten Isan food all my life, I can say it doesn't look or taste like Isan. It was just too high quality and great presentation. For a foreigner, you won't notice if the meal tastes like Isan or not. You would probably select some other dishes. They serve all sorts of western dishes, international and some Thai dishes.

Moon Smile & Platoo


Cost: $-$$
Asian, Thai

The restaurant is small, but very busy, very popular - you must go there early before peak hour to grab a spot or prepare to wait. If you come after sundown or before 6pm, good luck in finding a seat.

The prices are low and portions are small, so if you are very hungry, do what I normally do, order a couple of dishes and that still won't be too expensive.

This place serves mainly Thai food, as well as western meals like burgers, spaghetti and fries, but I think the Thai dishes are superb. If this is your first time, I recommend ordering anything from the recommended” on the menu. Such as red curry with prawn, probably the best red curry dish I ever had. Stay safe and stick with the Thai dishes, shrimp Tom Yum, hot plates and seafood. If you're on a budget, the local Thai food like the seafood fried rice and the seafood noodle soup are very tasty and not expensive.

This is not a fine dining environment but it had a grand fine dining taste.

The first thing I want to do when I return to Hua Hin is to come back to eat here and I'm not the only one. Returning customers say it all.

Friendly Kitchen Thai Food


Cost: $$ - $$$
Thai food

As the name suggests, this restaurant only serves the typical Thai food. Many spicy dishes, but if you're not a spicy eater, just tell them no spice.

If you want some amazing Thai food in a friendly atmosphere, check out this place.

I came here several times, ordered all sorts of dishes like stir-fired seafood, fried mixed vegetables, Tom-Yum-Goong and morning glory. Down the road is the Soi 88 Food Court, where you can have a few beers before or after you visit this restaurant.

In this article, I’ll show you some of my favorite restaurants in Hua Hin, Thailand. I’ll divide the restaurants into three separate categories: Isan food, seafood and the rest will be Thai/Western & other cuisines.

If you want to know the location of each restaurant and if you want to know which is my favorite restaurant in Hua Hin or perhaps all of Thailand, make sure you sign up for my email newsletter. I’ll have a link at the end of the video where you can sign up to receive all of that.


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