Big Noodles Chiang Mai

Big Noodles in Chiang Mai

I wanted to try that big bowl but I don’t have any friends to go with lol. Actually, I tried getting a couple of Thai friends to go with me but their schedule wouldn’t allow them.

Luckily, they offer small bowls of noodles. These cost about 50 baht and I order ed two small bowls of noodles.

If you’re a noodle soup fan, you must try this place. If you have enough people to go with you to try out the big bowl, it’s a great opportunity to take some photos and post them up in Facebook.

Just make sure you bring at least four people, or if you don’t have enough people to help eat the big bowl, you can always order the smaller bowls like I did.

If you can eat the big bowl (499 baht) on your own within 30 minutes, it’s free.

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