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Bristro Corner in Chiang Mai

Corner Bristro is a Western/European restaurant. It was just minutes’ walk from my apartment. I walked by the restaurant many times for the first few months but I never ate there because I prefer Thai and Asian food. I eventually ate there during my last month in Chiang Mai when things got a lot quieter.

This is a happening place during the evenings and everyone comes to eat, drink, socialize and listen to music. It’s even busier during the high season.

The first dish I ordered was the usual hamburger and fries.

The veggies were perfect, the lettuce was beautiful, very fresh, there were no cuts, or no holes, perfectly green. The tomato was grilled, and slightly salted.

The portion was not a small Thai size portion. When I first saw the plate, I thought I’ll have a hard time finishing it, but I did eventually finish eating it.

The beef was premium beef. Not sure what they put in the beef, if anything, it tasted slightly of salt and pepper. However, I think that’s how real hamburgers should be prepared and cooked. I think the burger was absolutely better than the burgers from places like MacDonalds or Burger King.

The French fries were premium fries. Each slice was much larger than the ones at your favourite fast food chain like KFC and McDonald. In my opinion, the French fries at this restaurant blew those places away. They were very crunchy and chewy on the outside. The inside was soft, very tender and moist. It was slightly salted but not too salty.

The restaurant claims they have the best French fries in Chiang Mai. So far, I have to agree with that claim.

Overall, this was one of the top hamburger and fries I’ve eaten in a long time. Then again, I don’t eat a lot of hamburgers. If someone was doing a top 10 video who loves burgers and fries more than I do, I would think this restaurant would have made it easily to their top 3. However, for me I’m not a big hamburger fan, so I’m kinda biased since I prefer Asian and Thai cuisines.

If you’re craving for some fries and burgers, the Corner Bristro will not disappoint you.

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