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Upscale, high-end, designer brands, luxurious, and expensive. These are the five terms I use to describe the shopping experience at Central Embassy in Bangkok.

Upscale brands like Prada, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Rolex, Omega, and Chanel are all here, plus many others. Just name an upscale brand - it’s probably here.

Central Embassy is a type of shopping complex you would expect to find somewhere in downtown Paris or Manhattan, targeting the ultra-rich.

Restaurants and cafés are also pricier than other food courts in Bangkok, but still reasonable for tourists or business people who want to eat authentic Thai style street food in a comfortable, clean, hygienic, and great atmosphere.

The only affordable thing I can afford at Central Embassy were two Thai dishes at the Eathai food court on the lowest floor. Definitely a place for people looking for designer brands at designer prices. Not a place you want to go shopping or eating if you are on a budget.

Hours of operation
Everyday 10am – 10pm

1031 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, Thailand

More interior

Central Embassy Interior


  • - One of the most beautiful shopping malls I’ve ever seen. Beautiful architecture, decoration, and design. Very beautiful and sophisticated for a shopping complex. With soft natural lighting and lots of curved structures.
  • -At the basement level is the Eathai food court with lots of high quality authentic Thai food.
  • -If you’re a moviegoer, you need to visit the cinema at the top level. This is the most luxurious movie theater/cinema I have seen, with beds, lounges, a minibar beside the bed, for about 1,000 baht per person. You will get the most luxurious movie experience here, plus five-star service. Not your typical cinema.
  • - Not crowded at all, not very busy even during the weekends at peak hours. Less crowded than Siam Paragon, Central World and pretty much other shopping malls around the area.
  • - Fewer shoppers mean less wait time, and a smaller line up.
  • - There is an overhead walkway that connects this mall to the Central department store.
  • - The food here is high quality and very tasty.


  • - All high-end, designer brand, luxurious shopping, all = very expensive. If you’re looking for a bargain, look elsewhere. The average Thais or tourists do not come here to shop, due to its high-end prices. More people come here to eat than to shop, or to do both, but most shops are empty.

How to get there

Exit at Phloen Chit BTS (five minutes’ walk to Central Embassy) or use a meter-taxi.

Floor Plan

Floor Directory

Photo Gallery

Givenchy at Central Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand


Eating authentic Thai food at the Eathai food court on the basement floor. Below were two Thai dishes I ordered that cost about 300 baht or $8.50 USD.

Eathai food court at Central Embassy

BBQ pork on a stick in Central Embassy, Bangkok Thailand


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One thought on “Central Embassy

  1. This mall was full of upscale and High end items. It felt a little depressing because there were hardly anyone in this mall. We left soon after and took the skytrain to another mall called Siam paragon. It was better experience although still a lot of expensive items.

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