Propose Compulsory Insurance For All Travellers Entering Thailand

A reliable source revealed that travel insurance would be required for every tourist before they are allowed to enter the country. This is due to a bill proposed by a committee from the Tourism and Sports Ministry.

The travel insurance is mandatory and is intended to offer financial coverage to the tune of 1 million baht within 30 days in the case of death.

Before the insurance proposal can be forwarded to the cabinet, it must be approved by the Tourism and Sports Ministry.

Why Compulsory Insurance For Everyone?

It is hoped that foreign tourists will be more confident when coming to the country.

It is hoped that foreign tourists will be more confident when coming to the country.

The issue of mandatory travel insurance for foreign tourists was raised last year following a series of disasters accidents by foreign tourists, like the tragedy at Phuket where 47 Chinese tourists lost their lives in a boat accident.

The biggest market for Thai tourism is the Chinese, accounting for almost 10 million tourists, about one-third of the 38 million last year.

According to the Tourism and Sports Ministry, about 40 million foreign tourists, accounting for 2.13 trillion baht (about 70 billion USD) in revenue is expected this year.

How will this mandate travel insurance work when you travel to Thailand?

Again, it is not law, it is only in the proposal stage, and it is only for travellers staying for up to 30 days.

How would travellers get insurance?

The insurance will be sold at immigration offices at all Thai’s airports.

What is the proposed cost?

This will cost 20 baht (about 65 US cents) and last up to 30 days. According to Suthiphon Thaveechaiyaa, the Secretary-General, the revenue from this will all go to the Tourism Protection Fund to cover expenses in case of a claim.

Reason for this mandate travel insurance for all tourist visiting Thailand?

After so many disasters including that in Phuket where 47 Chinese tourists died in a boat accident, it is hoped that the mandatory insurance will restore confidence of visiting tourists.

What will this 20-baht insurance cover?

Foreign tourists receive a death insurance coverage of a minimum of 1 million baht (about $26,000 USD) or half a million baht (about $13,000 USD) to cover for injury.

Do you still need to buy an additional travel insurance policy?

According to insurance experts, yes.

According to the Head of Travel at AXA Insurance, said ‘Medical expenses abroad can be very expensive. We recommend that tourists holidaying in Thailand continue to buy a travel policy in the UK no matter what.’

When will this mandatory insurance start?

The mandatory insurance policy is expected to kick off later this year if plans continue.


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