Foreign Man Seeking a Thai Girlfriend Arrested for Fake Document

Thai Immigration reported they arrested a young Norwegian man entering Thailand with a fake Certificate of Entry at Bangkok International Airport.

The Norwegian was on his way into the country to find a Thai girlfriend. But he was detained for using a phony document trying to trick immigration.

The airport border control officers at the Immigration desk check his Certificate of Entry with the Royal Thai Consulate in Oslo and confirmed his document was a counterfeit.

Instead of going straight to his hotel quarantine in Bangkok and off to find a Thai girlfriend.

The young Norwegian was transferred to the airport police station on the offence of “Forging and counterfeiting official documents.”

Police said the Norwegian could face criminal prosecution with possible jail time for presenting a false document to state officials.

If convicted, he will be placed on a blacklist prohibiting entry to Thailand in the future.

Right now, or ever is not the best time to use a fake official document.

Because of the current travel restrictions since early last year, there is a heightened entry requirement and expensive quarantine process to allow foreign entry into the country.

And the Certificate of Entry is an official document that was in place last year since the start of the pandemic.

The report from Thai immigration also said they arrested Pakistani, Singaporean, two Thai men and a Thai woman for smuggling drugs or entering the country illegally.

Remember Thai immigration now has the new BIOMETRICS verification system for better border security, it requires fingerprint scanning and other verification before entering.


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