help please fight just energy

I have read on one of ur post that u know a man based out of guelf that helps fight Just energy ect. If u heard my story ur mind would blow I have never even had a contract nor file noting and I have the proofg I was also being charged by my usaul gas suppler and paying the bill I did not pay much attion to my bills till they where like 800.00 and I loooked at at and I was being chared by both companys on the same bill union gas bill (my suppleir) they have now shut my gas off due to the out standing amount I have 3 young children its getting cold at night and we need hot water but just enery put all these charges on my bill. hard to beleave but i have all paper work to prove and explain it. I called my suppler onion gas my old (im cut off now due to this) and spoke with a man he said omg Monique they have been charging my account from March 2009 and that they owe me alot of money. So everybody knows whos guilty and nobody is fixing it but me working day and night trying to fix this and sort it out and get my services back and life back on routine my children nor i nobody at all desearves to go though this when u pay ur bolls regularly.. the gas company has the nerve to call here and ask me why i havent paid yet ect lke its not even in my file why its cut off!! my number is 519 304 2088 monique or 519 802 2010 – please help us my children need there bedtime baths ect and its getting cold already in hear at night and in the mornings and its only a few days from Sept..Any info would help thank u in advance thiss is just the outside theres so much proof and documentation but im stuck they say they will call me when they figure it out when i call to check on my file or to ensure they received faxs they demanded proving there name is billing me on a uioun gas bill. they got thjem i called them and a young man loked in ,my case and said faxs received .they know they messed up they knoe my family is living like where in the 1800s and they willl call me when there done.

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4 thoughts on “help please fight just energy

    1. I agree… You must contact the Ontario Energy Board…. I am presently as we speak in an fight with Just Energy and can't say much since i am planning on fighting this to the end… But get all the information you can… And contact the energy board… They will give you all the information you need to fight this.

      Thanks and Good Luck

  1. Hello! I have a question. I signed up with 'just energy' 4 years ago. Split from my ex husband and he kept the house. Bought a new house last year in a different town and different account number. Yet the charges are on both my power and gas bills. Is there anyway I can get rid of them without paying their rediculous cancellation charges??????

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