How to get out of an energy contract – How to file complaint

Beware of gas and eletricity companies using misleading door-to-door sale tactics

There shouldn’t be a website with instructions on how to get out of these alternative gas and electricity providers contracts or instructions on where to file a complaint. People need to be very careful before signing anything at the door. The wording used in advertising and sales pitches by door-to-door agents can be deceiving. Best to do your homework and check out the company very carefully before taking any action. If you are reading or searching for instructions on how to get out of a contract then that says something about the practices used by some alternative energy providers.

Beware of alternative gas and electricity retailers/marketers going door-to-door

What they are doing by hiring sales agents that go door-to-door is often unethical, but unfortunately not illegal. These gas and electricity providers are licensed by your local government. If you are angry at their door-to-door sales practices, you should also be angry at the government body that licenses the company.

How to cancel and get out of a gas and electricity contract

  1. Canadian residents: You may cancel within the first 10 days of signing or up-to 30 days after you receive the first bill under the new provider. You may cancel for any reason within that cancellation period without any additional cost. Call the company and make sure to speak with a representative and write down your cancellation number.

    US residents: You may cancel within the first 3 to 10 days of signing or up-to 30 days after you receive your first bill under your new provider. You may cancel for any reason within the cancellation period without additional cost. Call the company and make sure you speak with a representative and write down your cancellation number.

    What if you pass the cancellation period? (for both Canadian and US residents)

    • Pay for the cancellation fee according to your contract. (you do not have to pay if there was deception at the point of sale… read e)
    • If you don’t pay the cancellation fee, they will send their collection agency after you.
    • If you’re a senior citizen or live on government housing or on welfare. You can get out without any cost. Simply call them and tell them just that.
    • If you move outside their service area or move into a location where you are not responsible for paying your utility (apartments, condo, parents house, move outside the country). More on this here.
    • If you have been approached by a door-to-door sales agent and you felt deceived or mislead and signed the contract, then you may be able to cancel if you were promised you would save money or if the agent identified themselves as your current utility provider or a government body/program. Continue reading 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Read below (Top 10 Issues Raised By Gas and Electricity Retailer / Marketer), see if there is one or more issues you have encountered. Call the alternative gas and electricity provider to complain and see if you can resolve the problem.
  3. If you contacted the company and have not resolved the complaint to your satisfaction, contact your local government regulator to file a complaint (list of government regulators are below this page). The government regulator will further advise you and provide information on whether they have authority or jurisdiction in the area of the your complaint. Once a complaint is filed, a communication is sent to the alternative gas and electricity provider with a summary of your complaint and asks for the company’s response. Generally companies have 21 days to respond.
  4. If you are contacted by the company and get out of their contract, then please speak up. These alternative gas and electricity providers that use deceptive door-to-door sales agents should be punished for their actions. Speaking up will help others not waste their time and energy.

How to cancel energy contract from door-to-door sale

Top 10 Issues Raised By Gas and Electricity Retailer / Marketer

*each of these issues are based on Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2002. Other provinces and states have them too.

No Copy of ContractNo copy of existing contract, consumer does not recall signing contract, copy of contract not provided when requested. (phone the company and ask for a copy of the sign contract and a copy the voice confirmation call). They need your sign contract and the confirmation call of the homeowner, if they don’t have one or both, your contract is void and you can get reimbursement.
ConfirmationDeclined contract on confirmation call, do not recall receiving confirmation call, attempt to confirmation during 10-day cooling off period, person not authorized to confirmation.
RenewalDid not receive renewal package, renewed after cancellation request, misleading renewal notice.
Cancellation Request Not Processed1—2 billing cycles has passed without cancellation, company has no record of cancellation request.
Misrepresentation of IdentityAgent claimed affiliation with government, your local gas and electricity provider.
Can’t Read or Speak English, Disability, Ignorance, IlliteracyIf the consumer is not reasonably able to protect his or her interests because of disability, ignorance, illiteracy, inability to understand the language of an agreement.
General Contract
Misrepresentation of PriceAgent guaranteed savings, consumer told no fee to cancel, agent compared contract price to only a portion of regulated rate (e.g. highest TOU period)
Cancellation ChargesCharge for exiting contract too high, charges unfairly applied (e.g. moving with no service at new location).
Signed by Unauthorized PersonContract signed by family member other than spouse, person who does not reside at the address, unauthorized employee or non-account holder roommate / tenant.
Disputed SignatureThis is fuard, account holder or spouse’s name signed on contract but is alleged not to be your signature.

USA & Canada Energy Government Regulators – File Your Complaint

Illinois file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and then file your complaint with The Illinois Attorney General at (800) 386-5438 or visit The Illinois Attorney General’s website at www.illinoisattorneygeneral.govOntario file your complaint to the Competition Bureau and the Ontario Energy Board.
New York/Buffalo file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and then file your complaint with The Buffalo Attorney General at (800) 771-7755 or visit The Buffalo Attorney General’s website at file your complaint to the Competition Bureau and the Public Utilities Board.
Michigan file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and then file your complaint with The Michigan Attorney General at (517) 373-1140 or toll free 1-877-765-8388 or visit The Michigan Attorney General’s website at www.michigan.govAlberta file your complaint to the Competition Bureau and the Alberta Utilities Commission.
Ohio file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and then file your complaint with The Ohio Attorney General at (614) 466-4986 or toll free 1-800-282-0515 or visit The Ohio Attorney General’s website at www.ohioattorneygeneral.govBritish Columbia file your complaint to the Competition Bureau and the British Columbia Utilities Commission.
Indiana file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and then file your complaint with The Indiana Attorney General at (317) 232-6330 or toll free 1-800-382-5516 or visit The Indiana Attorney General’s website at
Texas file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and then file your complaint with The Texas Attorney General at
For other states in the US – file your complaint with the Federal Trade CommissionFor other provinces in Canada – file your complaint to the Competition Bureau

6 Things You Need To Know

  1. If you’re a home owner or a small business owner, especially if you’re a new home owner then watch out for these door-to-door alternative gas and electricity sales agents. They may dress up in a cap and uniform and come knocking at your door uninvited with their clipboard in hand. They may make a sales pitch about their company’s cheap gas and electricity rates or what some call a “Price Protection Plan” to save you money on your gas and electricity bills. The truth: I find it hard to believe that some random stranger knocking on my door can save me money. If you know of any please let me know where I can find them.
  2. If you are 65 years old or older and signed a gas and electricity contract at your door from a gas marketer or an electricity retailer, and if you are currently living in government housing or on welfare then you may cancel your contract without paying any existing fees. Some alternative gas and electricity suppliers might not tell you this.
  3. You have 10-30 days after signing the contract or within 30 days of receiving your first fill from the new gas and electric provider to cancel your contract without paying any fees.
  4. For US and Canadian residents, if you move to a place where you don’t pay for gas and electricity (such as an apartment) or move to a location where the company does not provide service then you can get out of the contract without paying any fees. If the alternative gas and electric provider sends you to collections or sends you a letter asking for a cancellation fee, then contact the company and tell them you moved to a place where you don’t pay for utilities or tell them you moved to a location where they don’t provide service.
  5. Canadian consumers have the right to cancel any contract when there was deception at the point of sale. There are many reasons why you can get out of any contract. Read this Consumer Protection Act, starting from section 14. This law was made for a reason. It is a law that protects any Ontarians from misleading and deceptive sales, so use it. It is your right.

    Even if it is a situation of he said/she said, the customer may still have a good case, especially against some alternative gas and electricity providers with bad reputations. The Consumer Protection Act in Ontario says it is an unfair practice for someone (door-to-door sales agents) to make a false representation at the point of sale that cannot be delivered by the company. Other provinces and states have similar protections too.

  6. What happened when you switched back to your local utility for natural gas or electricity? Nothing to worry about, no one will come to your door asking about anything. You might receive a letter from your local gas and electricity providers that you are switching back to them. Your service will not be disrupted whatsoever. There will be no utility personnel sent to your home to install or setup anything.

Do Not Sign Anything At Your Door Before Doing Your Homework

That’s all for now. Good luck and next time DO NOT SIGN anything you don’t understand with any strangers popping up at your front door.

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85 thoughts on “How to get out of an energy contract – How to file complaint

  1. Wish I had researched this better before I singed. Have 2 years left with these crooks. Dad just called me with the same concerns. We would like to get out of our contracts. Wish this website was here back when.

    1. They are crooks and the same with me when I move and they send me the bu]ill to break the contract but when they came and I was busy and they said for saving gas price .
      Very dissapointed .

  2. Hey just looking for some advice on how i might be able to get out of my situation. In 2008 while renting i fell to UE scam. I moved in 2009 I moved to another house where i was renting as well and the contract followed me. In 2010 I moved back home with my parents and canceled all my utilities. about 2 months after i canceled my utilities and move home i recieved a letter from a collections service stating i needed to pay 400$ because i did not honor the 5 year contract I had no idea that there was term attached to the contract, just looking for some help.

    1. Well, if you moved to a new location where you don't pay for utility or to an area where they don't service. Your contract is void. They know that…

      Give the company a call and tell them you moved to a new home where you don't pay utility.

      They assume you would pay them, its a quick $400 bucks for them. Someone I know sold their home about 1.5 year ago, moved in our basement so they didn't pay the utility.

      Universal Energy send her a letter asking for $600, they paid because they don't speak English.

      There's nothing to lose to send you a letter asking for money and maybe you pay $400.

      If you called the company and they still want you to pay. For Ontario Residents – contact Ontario Energy Board to file a complaint, send letter to The Ministry of Energy Brad Duguid, send letter and file a complaint at the Ministry of Consumer, then the BBB. Just Google them up. For other provinces and states file your complaint here.

    2. Also, I like to add. The $400 dollars cancellation fee is very expensive when compare to other retail gas and electricity providers. I look at other providers in the US, like Texas.

      The lowest cancellation fee is $50 and the highest is about $250-$300. Most are at $50 dollars and here in Ontario they want us to pay $400, $600 and sometime more. Simply there is no rule and regulations.

  3. Hi – I had the exact same problem as John, UE had even sent my account to a collection agency! (for $426.97) I followed "Energy Review"'s advice and called UE to tell them I moved to a location where i don't pay the utilities, that someone else in the household paid the utilities. They waived the exit fee and took my name off of the collection agency request. I made sure I got a confirmation number at the end of our conversation.

    Thanks Energy Review!!!!!!!!!!! :o)))))))


    1. Hey, thanks for posting this. I'm happy I can at least help someone.

      It disgust me to see people who doesn't speak any English and many other have to deal with such thing.

      These retail gas and electricity suppliers need to watch out for at your door.

      Here's a article by

      Jeff Raymond: He had a five-year contract for electricity with Just Energy, but cancelled after two years because he found his bills 40 per cent higher than before. As instructed, he paid an early termination fee of $169.50 last February. Just Energy cashed his cheque (he had proof) and sent his account to a collection agency in error. When I got involved, it stopped collections and confirmed his credit rating was not affected.

    1. Give the company a call, Google up the company to find their contact info.

      They probably ask for proof that you moved, maybe a rental agreement, send them a copy.

      If you move to a new location where the company doesn't service or you no longer responsible paying for your utility. You get out of your contract without paying them anything.

    1. The credit history? If they send you to collection and you don't pay them, you get bad credit. But a lot of time, these retail gas and electricity suppliers still send you to collection even if you pay for the cancellation fee or move to another location where they don't service or you don't pay for utility. Because you're suppose to call them and tell them where you move.

    1. If you're the home owner who sign the contract and reaffirm over the phone. You can probably get out without paying anything, 30 days after you receive your first bill with them.

      I say probably because I'm not sure about Summit Energy's contract. But if you recently sign and want out, don't wait and cancel now.

      In Ontario, you have 10 days cooling off period for any door-to-door sales over $50. You may cancel within the first 10 days without any reason. That's the law.

      If you pass the 10 days cooling off period, and pass the 30 days you received your first bill with the new company, and you feel you been deceived. Ontario residents may write a complaint letter to the Ontario Energy Board, The Ministry of Energy Brad Duguid, The Ministry of Consumer, then the BBB. For other provinces and states file your complaint here.

      Tell them your horror story, you won't be the first one to complaint.

  4. When our hydro bills began escalating, I switched my service into my spouse's name to "cancel" my contract with Just Energy.

    They sent me a bill for $300 for "early termination charges" which I did not pay. It has now gone to a collection agency. Out of principal I refuse to pay or answer the telephone calls from JE or collections. Will this effect my credit rating and could this really go to court? Am I playing with fire by avoiding them and not paying up?

    1. Yes, your credit will be effected if you don't pay but it will be back to normal after 5 years or so.

      I am removing this name changing tactic, instead allow people who felt misled into signing these bad deals to file a complaint with the government regulator like OEB.

      1. OK, thanks for the info.

        I'm not too worried about the credit rating, but have you ever heard of some one being taken to court on this? For $300?


      2. Never heard, but I watched Judge Judy before. That’s in the states though.

        Since you commented about the switching name tactic didn’t work. I updated the page.

        Check out Top 10 Issues Raised By Gas and Electricity Retailer / Marketer

        See if you encounter any of those issues, after that contact the company. I’m sure you have at least one issue, if the company refuse to take you out of collection. Contact your local government regulator.

        Make it your hobby for the next month :), you really have nothing to lose but $300 or bad credit.

    1. Great post energy review! i can pick 3-4 things out on that list..i just posted in my complaints.. i hope to get some feedback to see if i have any recourse as approaching the 3 year mark in a 5 year contract…i cant tell you the amount of cash out the window so far..just energy/universal energy need to be shutdown..i want to turn the tables on them like they did on me…i never did receive an official contract…all i ever signed was an application form…they told me my rates were going to double and triple in the next few years, their cancellation fees are a joke…is it still possible to get out of these things after 2 years plus?? i know the Ont. Govnt has made changes occuring in jan 2011…but i dont wanna pay just energy clowns a cent…they've soaked me for enough already.

  5. OK folks, I'm back.

    After avoiding phone calls from both JE and the collection agency for 6 months, I finally decided to make a move. I sent JE an email stating that I felt the door to door rep lied about the energy savings and that I thought the termination fee of $300 was too high. I offered to pay $50 as a cancellation fee, which I believe is now law in the US and fair. If they did not accept my $50 proposal I would place a complaint with OEB. With in 2 hours I had an email back stating that my file was now closed, that the collection agency file is closed, and that my credit rating will not be affected by this. I hope this is really true.

    1. Nice work! I hope their being honest for once. I didnt even give them the satisfaction of contacting them(JE)..i made my complaint directly to the OEB. I cancelled right at the day 10 mark and they refered me directly to the cancellation fees for termination of the agreement that was over two years ago and im still in this mess..i want nothing to do with these clowns…im hoping the OEB can provide a resolution for me…time will tell.

      1. It's been 3 weeks now and no more calls from Just Energy or the collection agency. I must be in the clear!

        Thanks for your help on this folks. Good luck to those still fighting.

  6. I thought that was already finish, unfortunately, today I received mail from the summit energy of the threat they send me to collection agency. The case is still being considered in the OEB and MPP reprezentative. How to stop the process and whether I can forward Summit to court? Never ending story…

  7. My brother signed a contract about 3 years ago with Just Energy for the house he lives in. The house is owned by my dad and his name is also on the hydro bill. Is this contract still legit even though it was signed by my brother. To me he is not authorized to sign this. Am I right?

    1. If your brother's name is not on the utility, then the contract is void. They need the people responsible for paying the utility, their name must be on the utility. If not, the contract is void, the same with the confirmation call they need to call to reaffirm the deal after 10 days the homeowner sign the contract at the door.

      Call to tell them your brother name is not on the utility bill. Tell them you want to cancel, unless you want to pay more than you have too.

      You will cancel without any penalty fee, it takes about 1-2 billings cycle to fully cancel with them (their name will no longer appear on your gas or electric bills. You will be back paying the current market price with your local utility.

      No one will come to your home to setup or install anything, there will be no disruption to your gas or electricity. The only thing you will see is your lower utility bill and company's name will no logner be in your bills.

      Once you have canceled, make sure you file a complaint to your local government regulator about your situation here.

      Since your brother name was not on the utility bill, the contract was void from the start. You should ask for reimbursement, ask for the money you over paid vs your local utility.

      It doesnt hurt to ask and the money belong to you anyway.

  8. There was two salesperson lies that they work for Enbridge. They said they want to make sure if we received the "discount" and ask to look at the gas bill. My brother let them look at the gas bill and sign some document to show they look at the bill and will make sure we get the discount. My father is very setup with the high gas bill compare to a few years ago. I looked at the bill and realized the rate was $0.429 per m^3. The gas provider is Superior Energy. Can my father cancel the contract and file a complaint. The contract was sign a few year ago by my brother.

    1. Yes you may file a complaint and ask for reimbursement.

      According to the law in Ontario, Consumer Protection Act, 2002. It is against the law to make "False, misleading or deceptive representation"

      You can start reading the Consumer Protection Act from section 14. (1) to 14. (2)

      The law call this "UNFAIR PRACTICES".

  9. I am a renter, and I signed (voluntarily, no solicitation) an electricity contract with Canada Energy Wholesalers a few months ago. It seemed like a no-brainer given the TOU rates I was paing, but I didn't realize I had to pay the Provincial Benefit/Global Adjustment on top of the retail contract price.

    Do I have any real options, other than the cancellation fee? Can I change the account name to my room mate's, and tell them that I'm moving back home with my parents' (where I don't pay utilities)?

    1. Frank,

      So you signed a few months ago? Did you received your first bill with Canada Energy?

      Because you may cancel without penalty within the first 30 days after you received your first bill with Canada Energy or any other gas and electricity providers in Ontario.

      You said you're a renter, check your electricity/hydro bill to see if your name is on the bill, if not your contract is void.

      The people responsible for paying electricity or natural gas (their name(s) is on the bill) must sign the contract, the same with the reaffirmation with the deal over the phone. If your name is not on the bill and you signed – your contract is void.

      Yes, you may go to the utility (not Canada Energy) and tell them you sold your home or you're moving back to your parents or whatever reason.

  10. I was reading this post and if people are really looking to save money on the gas cost recovery. I would look at the companies that don't have contracts. For instance I have been a energy broker for a while and two companies that come to mind are Integrys and Volunteer energy. Both of these companies have beet the utilities in Michigan with the exception of semco. Usually semco and these to suppliers are even but when compared to the other major utilities in Michigan these to companies beat them on average between 11-16%. No contracts are necessary if you go month to month then you don't have to play any of these games. Besides good companies such as these don't have to have a contract to keep you as a customer.

  11. I am moving to an aprtment where utilities are included in rent, I am about to call the company to cancel my contract. Question,

    1) If they ask me to send them a copy of my lease, should I?

    2) Do I pay anything in this situation? My understanding is that I pay nothing.

    3) Should I ask the person on the phone for a confirmation number?

    4) Would they ask me to prove that utilities are included in the rent by asking for a utility bill? What sould I do in that situation?

    I have been over-paying for utility in the last two years!

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    1. 1) Yes, they need proof that you moved. You don't need to send them every single page. Just enough to prove that you did moved and you're not responsible for paying your gas and/or electricity bills.

      2) You pay Nothing, there is no fee. There is no fee if you move into a new area where you are no longer responsible for paying your gas and/or electricity (your name is not on the bills).

      You don't pay if you move outside the company's service area.

      You don't pay if you move outside the country.

      3) Yes.

      4) You tell them just that.

      They can only track you with your account number and your name on the utility bill. When you move and close your account, you are now disappear in the utility world. If you don't inform them that you moved, they probably send you straight to collection where the collection agency track you down demanding cancellation fee.

  12. Hi there. Congratz on ur efforts to help the people who fell for this scam. In march 2011 a guy who had an Enbridge (gas provider) badge ID with logo and name came and told us he was from Enbridge and thei were offering duct cleaning service which was included free of charge on our bill, that's how he got my father's utility number.The agent never said anything about a contract with Summit Energy nor Active Energy. The agent pull out a blue small paper which my father signed. Then he pulled out his iphone and told us we needed to speak which the secretary to confirm the free service, but my father couldn't take stay standing anymore and went to take his pain killers but before doing that my fathers asked the agent if I (his son) could do that to which the agent replied yes. So i did the over the phone (using his own iphone) agreement, the audio was terrible and couldnt make out a thing, the agent kept whispering the answers (yes) mostly as if he would be the one who was able to hear the audio 100%. He then left sayin we would get all the paper work in the mail in the next 2 weeks. After 2 months without any phone or contact to get a hold of this rats we get our gas bill alongside 2 other bills on the back from Summit Energy and Active energy. We did all the possible steps, called them, explained them,asked for the recording, only Summit sent the recording which was fake, they used my affirmative answers and copy/pasted it onto a clear low paced clear voice verbal agreement with their secretary. The Active energy company didn't send anything to this day cause they know we didn't signed any agreement, much less 2 agreements with 2 different companies and when we asked for the recording over the phone they part where it was supposed to be my voice was all fake, it was all made up, wasn't me 100%. Called Enbridge and all with no luck. Now i closed my gas account that same month and opened it with another name. I got their cancellation letter which totals $700+. We all know those 2 companies are the same just using a different license to charge u double. My question is what can i do since the OEB told me they only help gas and electricity and not "duct cleaning work". thx in advance.

    1. Duck cleaning? That's a new one. I never heard this before why would they charge you $700 for canceling? Canceling what? A duct cleaning is suppose to be a one time thing every few years.

      I just don't get it, so they deceived you to sign a duct cleaning contract? And it was Active Energy and Submitt Energy? I'm just trying to put this together. So you're telling me Active and Submitt are the same company?

      That's right, OEB regulate gas and electricity. So, you have to file a complaint against these people with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services.

  13. dang sorry for the spelling horrors. I am stressed with this matter. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil.

  14. And one more thing Do not change the name on the bill(it doesn't make sense) just call Enbridge and say I want it back to the original provider that means Enbridge !!!!!!

    They need to change it for You !!!!!

  15. Yeah my friend. I think they are doing this type of scam now cause they know they can get away with it. Yeah, they signed me on a duct cleaning/ furnace maintenance on behalf of Enbridge, then on my bill it says Summit and Active energy. I already closed the account and they sent the automatic cancellation amount said along with a "sorry you are moving, you are missing on a great deal"

    letter. Thankz again mate.

  16. is it possible for me to say have my g/f put the utilities in her name and say that I am no longer paying utilities to cancel? they want $1450. out of me to cancel.


    On the surface Tim Hudak and his Progressive Conservative party seem to be all-around nice guys. They are concerned about you and your family and want to do everything they can to help ends meet and ensure your family doesn't get ripped off by anyone. They are in fact so nice that they are willing to promise an HST rebate on your hydro and gas bill just to show how much they care about your ability to pay for your needed utilities.

    What you may not know is that this very same party lead under Mike Harris and Ernie Eves de-regulated the energy sector during their time in power.

    Have you ever gotten a knock at your from a representative of an energy reseller such as Universal Energy or Just Energy? They want you to sign up for fixed rate contracts. Does this sound familiar? In fact many people believe that fixed rate energy deals like this are some kind of illegal scam. In fact they are not illegal at all because Harris and Eves passed laws which allow third party companies to make contracts with the consumer and your local utility is required to honour the deal by co-operating with it. Do you remember agents like this coming around before Harris? If you find that the price that you signed up for far greater than the market price, even after you've been on it for years there is no legal recourse that will allow you to renege without paying a cancellation fee.

    The business plan is called commodity brokering. Companies claim that they buy gas and hydro from the spot market in bulk, at times that its cheapest, natural gas in the summer for instance. Then they sell it back to the consumer at a fixed price. Because natural gas is expensive in the winter, in theory they will be able to sell it back to the consumer for more than the original purchase price but less than the current market price. Thus they can save you money while turning a profit. It all makes sense right?

    The argument is logical. Nevertheless many consumers who have signed up for these contracts since the time they were first offered have found that in the long run they lost money, often to the tune of thousands. Where is this money going?

    Frank Klees, sitting Progressive Conservative MPP for Newmarket-Aurora is running again in the October 6, 2011 provincial election. He is the guy that came in second to Hudak in the last provincial leadership race. He is a high profile Tory who held cabinet positions under Harris and undoubtedly will again if the Progressive Conservatives make it in this time. The owner of Universal Energy Alternatives underwrote one fifth of his entire campaign with a donation of $34K. Not only did Universal give Klees a big donation, they also gave him a seat on their board of directors. Now that Universal Energy is sold to Just Energy, he has a seat on the board there too. In other words if you want to vote for the guy that comes to your door to sign you up for a price protection plan then Frank Klees and his cronnies, like Hudak are the names you should check on your ballot!

  18. I am a resident of Ontario, Canada. I signed up for a gas contract and found out that they lied. I tried to cancel and they refused. I told them I would be out of the contract by weeks end. They told me "good luck". I had my gas company shut my gas off for one week or so. I called later and had them re-start my gas. Contract gone! Regular gas prices back in place.


  19. hi I'm fery,

    I signed a Power agreement with summit Energy on Jan 2010. The agent gave me rate 7.5 and told me the rates are going to increase to 11 within next 6 months (but it didn’t). He never mention me about Global Adjustment charge (which is 4.5) .He told me that if you sale the house, the agreement will cancelled or if you want, you can continue with us. After I moved to my new house, they sent me a letter cancelation charge for $679.64 plus tax. I called power stream, they mentioned about Global adjustment and then I asked what power rate is now? They answered that in low pick it is 5.9 and in high pick it is 10.7.

    I called summit energy back and complained: why your agent did not tell about this extra charge? And when I add the rate 7.5 to global adjustment (4.5), I paid a rate around 12 since Jan 2010, which it is more than higher rate (in high pick 10.7) without having summit energy’s agreement. I told them it is not fair, your agent had to tell me the extra charges. I as a customer had to know the fact before signing your agreement.

    The customer service told me that you have two choice stay with us till end of 5 years or pay penalty $679.64 plus tax. She threated me, if I don’t pay, they’ll send my file to collection agency.

    Please tell how I act with them. she also forsed me to stay with them, till I get my first bill, then i can make disicion to stay with them or pay the penalty. Is there any way that I inform people about misleading people by summit energy’s home to home sales person? Thank you.

  20. In a couple of months I will be moving in with my mother ( she is elderly and needs me there) Her Gas account is in her name and is paid automatically out of her account. I will not be responsible for paying the gas when I move in with her..

    How do I prove to them that I am moving in with my mother, if they should ask. It's not like I am signing a lease with my mother..

    1. Once you moved and have your address change on your driver license. You should call them and tell them you moved. They probably ask for a proof like your driver license.

  21. You mentioned that you can get out of a contract without paying the fee if you are on welfare. How does that work and does being on EI (in Ontario) or Parental Leave (like Maternity Leave) count as welfare (question mark). (The key is broken).

    Thanks for help


  22. I am an Ontario resident and was successful in getting my natural gas contract cancelled without any fees when I explained that I am 65, according to this information on your site.

    2. If you’re are 65 years old or older and sign a gas and electricity contract from a gas marketer or an electricity retailer from your door. Also, anyone currently living in government housing or on Welfare. You may cancel without paying any existing fee, some alternative gas and electricity suppliers might not tell you this.

    Thank you for this. However, others have not had the same success in a similar situation. Is this up to the discretion of the energy provider?

    Can you give me information on the Ontario legislation that states this please.

  23. Hi. I just bought a new house through Tribute. And in the contract it states that we will have a hot water tank rental. We had to sign the contract without chnages otherwise they wouldn’t sell the house to us. My question is how do I get out of the contract without paying so much in fees? And when can I do this? When I get possession? If anyone went through this, please contact me. Thanks in advance. Tom

  24. I didn’t went to this but that contract you signed with the house is a legal binding contract. Is sorta like asking how you can get a refund if you don’t like the new house.

  25. I signed with summit energy at the end of last year and just recently have ended up having to move to a place that doesn’t usegas and i gave my full months notice to fortis and now today i received a bill for 707$ because i didn’t give them 60 days notice but i didn’t even have 60 days knowledge I’m terrified my credit will be ruined as i cant afford to pay that. Ive tried calling every number they list inside the hours of business they give but never get through to tell them i changed my move out date. Please help what can i do!

    1. Hello Brittnany did you know you were signing a contract? If you tried calling the numbers and none of them were the numbers then it is not your fault and they should not be charging you a fee…Do they have a email if so write to the manager and explain your situation…. do not let them take you for 707 fee it is wrong of them to do and your credit should not go bad because of you not being able to get a hold of them with the numbers they listed.. I would fight this my opion

  26. Hi there- I own my place and will be renting it out while I move back with my family. I was in the middle of cancelling my summit contract and the guy said I need to prove proper documents saying I will be moving. I asked what kind… he then found out that I will still be owning my unit and he told me I will have to pay the cancellation fee, or move the contract over to the future tenants. Obviously, I made a major mistake by signing and confirming the contract over the phone. This is the first property I have owned, and was naive to signed and agree.

    I have asked the guy to send me the customer agreement so I can read over it (I have misplaced it)

    Basically, I want summit out of my billing life, I do not want to pay the cancellation fee, and I do not want to pass this on to my new tenants.

    feedback? and thank you in advance!

  27. I just want to warn everyone that SUMMITT ENERGY has been going around Ottawa (Avalon neighborhood in Orleans). I had someone at my door on July 17, 2013. He said he was affiliated with Ontario Energy Board and wanted to verify if I was paying HydroOne’s “new price” or “old price”. When he put me on the phone and they asked if I agreed to a 5 year contract, I hung up the phone and slammed the door in his face.
    Summitt Energy is a scumbag company and Carlo Cavaliere (rep no OK 1364) is a DISHONEST, MISLEADING, LYING jerk. If he comes to your door, tell him to get lost and call the police.

  28. Hello just wanted to thank every one for there post I would not of known how Just energy was now I emailed Just Energy and explained my situation to them and they called me and told me they were going to cancel with out a fee also let them know I was letting nyseg know I was canceling them… It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be but they should make sure people know they are signing a contract before they make the call and well I just do not think they should have salesman going door to door either I have learned a value lesson I will no longer accept anything from a salesman so I will be saying not interested from now on learned the hard way…. Thanks again

  29. I signed up with Justenergy and my contract expired about 9 months ago. Or so it should have!! As of today, i still have them on my ontario hydro bill..I cant get them off!! I called justenergy about it and they said they put in the cancellation to ontario hydro and to phone them. I did just that and to my surprise he told me the truth. So i asked OH why I still have them on my bill, they said they havent read the meter and we are not scheduled to have it read for another 6 months..COME ON!! I dont know what to do now..maybe call my MP.. A contract is a contract… Right?? I cant blame justenergy because they did put in the cancellation.. Its ontario Hydro i have to fight now… However i still dont recommend justenergy, because you will pay more for hydro.. Bottom line… Thanks for listening..

  30. Thanks for the warning everyone.
    I signed with Just Energy yesterday, before researching the company, my mistake. I am calling them today and canceling, within the 10 day decline so there is no penalty. Their online reputation is horrible and I have no interest in paying money to a company that has reviews like this. Next time I will stick by my rule to never sign anything at the door and to always research first.
    Thanks again, sounds like you saved me some grief.

  31. Hi
    I signed up with Summittenergy a few months back. My name is not on the utility bill. But I've signed the contract (it says I've authority to sign) and spoke over the phone. Now I want to cancel it. Is this contract valid? Am I in trouble?

  32. I'm moving from Alberta to Ontario and having a five year contract (both electricity & gas) with JE. I'm going to rent an apartment in Toronto, but the rent only covers gas and does not cover electricity. Am I still ok to cancel the contract without any cancellation fee? Thanks a lot!

    1. For sure you can cancle your gas with them, but I’m not so sure about the electricity. Let us know what happened..

  33. "2. If you’re are 65 years old or older and sign a gas and electricity contract from a gas marketer or an electricity retailer from your door. Also, anyone currently living in government housing or on Welfare. You may cancel without paying any existing fee, some alternative gas and electricity suppliers might not tell you this."

    Where would I find the basis for this protection for seniors and low-income consumers? Is there a law or some documentation addressing this fact in Ontario, Canada?

  34. Very interesting information here, I have a question that I haven’t seen here so if anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much. What would be the case if you have homes that are yours but are used as rental homes that uou rent out to tenants, bills are still under my name, it’s included in the rent, if I decide to sell the homes would I have to pay Cancelation fees being that the utilities bills would no longer be in my name? Would I have to pay fees should I decide to sell my rental homes before the contract is over or would it void the contract once the homes are no longer mine? Thank you for any help anyone might be able to offer on this issue.

    1. I think if you are the owner and the homes are under your name. You are responsible for the utilities, since the utilities need to be under your name too. Unless the tenants sign the contract then you may get out with no charge since they are not the home owners.

      Only the home owners can sign the contract. Some of these companies have a history of signing up people that are not the homeowner and people can get out for free, even get reimbursement because in some areas that is illegal.

  35. Hi, I am one of those idiots who got scammed by a door-to-door sales rep into signing a contract with Just energy several years ago. I resented that my hydro bills seemed to go up, but put up with it. Now, apparently my contract has expired: yesterday June 8, 2015 I received a package with a new contract. The envelope is postmarked May 29th, 2015. The letter is dated March 12, 2015 and it asks that I advise them of which option I want to take and I have until June 1st(!) to advise them. The options are: a) renew for another 5 years, or b) not renew. The contract itself looks like a fait accompli, as the time period has lapsed. I intend to not renew and am wondering what my options are and how I should go about informing JustEnergy and getting back on with my local hydro provider(Toronto Hydro). Can I expect some spurious collection agency claims, harassing phone calls,etc. My contract has run out and I should have no further obligation to these crooks, but from reading this forum and others, understand that they are pretty hard to get rid of. I am recently married – would signing up with Toronto Hydro under his name help?

      1. Hi, I received it on June 8th, package postmarked May 29th, deadline for responding was June 1st. Obviously I missed the deadline because I did not receive the package in time( I am sure this was deliberate.) Also I dug through my files to find the original sign-up sheet, which was dated sometime in April 2006, and the agreement was for 5 years with Universal Power. At no time did I recieve a copy of that contract, nor a renewal notice after the first 5 years, nor did I get any notice that Universal Power changed to Just Energy. So I have not had a valid signed contract or agreement with any supplier since the first one expired in April 2011. Yet Just Energy appears on my hydro bill as the supplier of record.

        1. Here’s what I do.

          I would call them up and tell them you didn’t received the renew package on time. How can you renew something when you didn’t receive it before the dead line?

          I’m 99.9% sure they would say it’s too late and you still have to pay for the termination fee if you want to cancle.

          If they still insist to charge you for the termination fee, tell them you will file a formal complaint against the company with the Competition Bureau and the Ontario Energy Board (for Ontario residents).

          I’m pretty sure they will let you go after you tell them that, but you will have to wait and waste a lot of your time to do this. They will probably let you hold the line, they might tell you the manager is not available. Whatever… So don’t expect this to end in a single call.. it’s a pain… I know.. If you can get it done in a single call, that’s great.

          If you still can’t get out of their contract at no charge. Go ahead and file a complaint and there is no need to contact the company anymore. Let me know if you need help with this.

          1. I have different story than what I found on forums. Usually a guy and knock my door and because I know those people always selling scam so I ask him to go and I don’t need that service but he tried many times and convince me to just listen..ok I start to listen. My first question was how you get profit for your business while you reduce the cost of my bill. The answer was very impressive and convincing. That guy told me they are buying the electricity in advance from the government or so at cheap price and they give to me with a rate slightly higher than off peak for the whole 5 years. Actually I made my calculation and found there is a minor saving at beginning and more for the upcoming years. I believe the guy and signed the contract and because I’m extremely busy I didn’t read the contract carefully or review the bills but after two consecutive bills I found it is higher that what I usually pay. I checked and found under item “Summit Energy” around C$100 every month. That time I discovered the deception and starts to call them to cancel. The rest od story is well known

  36. Dead Keyframe5,
    There were 2 door-to-door sale people came to my apartment on Friday. They claimed that they work for Eversource company which is my current electric provider. They said they can cut the cost of my electricity by calling the supplier. I didn’t know that they work for Major Energy company at that time and I allowed them to use my phone to call Major Energy company to set-up an application, they looked at my bill to collect my electric account number. The representative misleaded me and pushed me to say “yes” to all verification questions. I didn’t know that they work for a second party until they leaved. After doing some research, I figured out that they are representative of Major Energy and I called the company to cancel my application right after. I called the company several times. The first time I called to the Customer Service Center and they said that if the information I provided was correct, they will cancel my application without requiring any payment. Because she said “if the information I provided was correct”, I was confused and tried to call the application center again to find my application.They said they cannot find my application to cancel. One person said he was making a note to send to his higher manager about this problem. Right now, I am very confused since my application was not found and I don’t know my application is still being process or not. What should I do now ? Next monday will be the second business day and I have to cancel the application before midnight of the 3rd business day.

  37. I got scammed by Just Energy in 2001 when I first bought my home. I recently had a representative show up at my door letting me know that my contract was up for renewal. I stated that I wasn’t comfortable making decisions at my door and said I needed to find my original contract and get back to them. She told me I should have received a phonecall and a renewal package. I did not receive either. After calling Just energy I have realized I was auto renewed in 2006 and 2011. I asked for signed contracts for the original as well as each of the renewals (6 times now). I have received one renewal contract dated 2011 which has no signature on it just my computer printed name. I don’t recall renewing anything with them and my phone number on file is my land line which I had disconnected several years ago. So there is no way I could have confirmed by phone in 2011. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do retroactively. I plan on cancelling with them as my renewal will auto renew in August if I don’t go out of my way to explicitly cancel. Is there any way I can get compensated for the last 10 years they have auto renewed my contract without my consent?

    1. From what you said, you didn’t authorized the renewal and they need a record of your voice confirmation in 2001 to sign you up as well as your signature. If they do not have both and it seem like they do not have it in file. The contract is void.

      So you should get your money back since 2001 as the contract is void. Contact the Ontario Energy Board and file a compliant.

      Since you already made contact with the company and they can not provide you a copy of your sign contract and the confirmation call. Now it’s time to go through the authority that has the power to do something.

      After that let the Competition Bureau of Canada know, so they can keep track of these shady business.

      1. I called back yet again and they explained that the renewals were based on the original walk-up renewal and no physical copy can be provided. Then the customer services rep said she found copies of the original and renewal contract and will sent them to me. I did not ask for record of my voice confirmation at all. I appreciate your advice and will contact the OEB and Competition Bureau. What is the process of getting compensated if the 2001 contract is void? I’m sure they aren’t just going to hand over money to me – does this require a lawyer?

  38. My parents were scammed by Just Energy. They paid Just Energy three times what their gas utility, NIPSCO, would have charged. My father passed away in October, and now Just Energy expects payment for early termination.

  39. Hello,
    Please advice me what to do on this.

    My wife signed the agreement with Summit Energy for 5 year contract on 2017. The account holder name is mine, but she is the one signed and answered the telephone call and confirmed (They did not call me though my number is the first contact number). I was not aware of this agreement till Feb this year.

    After a year, I realized that my utility bill has gone 40% higher and I started to check everything and found about this agreement.

    I called them and disputed them that I have not signed the contract and my wife did. In the Agreement, account holder name is showing my name, but signature is my wife’s

    What to do on this?
    1. Am I having option to fight against this cancellation as I am not involved in this agreement at all
    2. If I do not pay the cancellation fee, can that effect my credit score?
    3. What are the options left for me?

    Please advice on this as I think I am fooled by this company.

    1. Call Summit Energy and ask for the recording of your confirmation call, as well as a copy of the contract.

      Then tell them the person who sign the contract and confirm on the phone call is not the homeowner. Which mean the contract is null and void. You also want to tell them you want to get reimbursed for the extra money you paid.

      Summit might say you will have to pay a $500 to cancel or something.

      If they cancel your contract with no fine and they didn’t reimburse you, and you’re ok with that. Great.

      If they want to fine you, then tell them you are going to file a complaint with the *who ever is the authority to the utility providers in your region*. Just do a Google search, in Ontario Canada is the Energy Board. You want to tell Summit that and you will also request a full reimbursed, plus a compliant for a null/void contract.

      How to file a complaint? Read the article on this page.

      1. Update:

        I have complaint to Ontario Energy Board and they contacted summit energy, Finally, Summit energy cancelled (waived) the cancellation fee and I do not need to pay anything.

        I should have requested refund from them, but anyway I am fine with the ending.

  40. My mom had contract. She died & I am executor. It is my job to pay bill, maintain house till sold (multiple hries). I love 70 miles away so I contracted Entrust Energy to ask them to change billing address. They said they will shut off the electric in the dead of winter in North Texas. They made me get a new account under my name w/ 2 cent higher rate. They say when the house sells to send them a bill of sale to waive cancellation fee. I also have a contract with them for my own home. I am really concerned they will charge me. Then they s

  41. I’m in a contract with an Independent Gas reseller. Just inquired about getting out of this contract after paying 251% above what I was previously paying to the local gas supplier. To get out of the contract was going to cost me $1003 at the next Anniversary cycle which is 10 months away. This is an exorbitant amount while still required to pay the 251% premium for the next 10 months.

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