Hydrogen pros and cons

Hydrogen pros and cons

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. At standard temperature and pressure, hydrogen is acolorless, odorless, nonmetallic, tasteless, highly combustible diatomic gas with the molecular formula H2.

Hydrogen in fuel cells produces electricity to power electric cars. NASA use hydrogen as their primary energy fuel for their space programs. Liquid hydrogen are use in NASA space shuttles and as well as hydrogen batteries to power the shuttle’s electrical systems.

Hydrogen Pros and cons

Hydrogen advantages

Here is a list of the pros of hydrogen

Hydrogen disadvantages

Here is a list of the cons of hydrogen

Hydrogen is environmental friendly, does not pollute, hydrogen only release water vapor and heat as its byproducts.

Does not release CO2, which contribute to global warming.

Hydrogen can quickly be refueled just like gasoline.

Hydrogen is 100% renewable energy if hydrogen is obtained through electrolysis.

Hydrogen is abundant and can be produce around the world.

Recharging hydrogen fuel cells in cars cost less than filling up with gasoline.

Hydrogen use in cars is 40%-60% more fuel efficient with electric motor than gasoline cars.

Reduce our dependent on foreign oil.

Hydrogen is highly flammable and explosive.

There are not enough hydrogen stations to refuel hydrogen cars.

Hydrogen cars can only be lease by Honda.

Expensive to use on cars as because hydrogen fuel cell batteries are expensive.

It is expensive to transport, store and produce hydrogen power.

It takes more energy to produce hydrogen than producing it.

Cars run on hydrogen fuel cell do not travel farther than cars running on regular gasoline.

Hydrogen fuel use in cars use water to function, living in cold climate will freeze the water causing problem.


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  1. Your article is automatically assuming that electrolysis is the only way to produce it, and in reality it is one of the worst ways to produce it. You also neglect to say that, while fuel cell cars are not as efficient as gasoline cars, Internal Combustion engines using hydrogen DO go further than gasoline.

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