Ink Master season finale tattoos – Season 1

In the final episode 8 on Ink Master: the two final tattoo challenges were the 12 hours tattoo and the master canvas. The master canvas allow all three finalists to tattoo anything they wanted within 6 hours and the 12 hours challenge is exactly just that.

The winner of the final challenges will win $100k and the tittle as The Ink Maser.

Tommy Helm’s final tattoos

Tommy’s 12 hours Tattoo: “Bad Ass” The Grim Reaper

Tommy Helm 12 hours tattoo

Tommy Helm bad ass grim reaper

Tommy Helm Grim Reaper

Tommy’s final tattoo: Woman holding an apple

Tommy Helm woman

Shane O’Neill

Shane’s 12 hours Tattoo: Japanese style Buddha

Shane O'Neill 12 hours tattoo

Shane O'Neill Japanese buddah

Shane’s final tattoo: Red skull

Shane O'Neill red skull

James Vaughn’s final tattoos

James’ 12 Hours Tattoo: Japanese style half sleeve tattoo

James Vaughn Japanese style half sleeve tattoo

James’ final tattoo: Japanese style flowers and snake

James Vaughn final tattoo

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33 thoughts on “Ink Master season finale tattoos – Season 1

  1. I am sorry, but Shane should NOT have beat Tommy. Shane had a free ride the whole competition, using his black and grey. ONE color piece, at the end, does NOT mean he should have taken the title.

    Tommy Helm is a TRUE ink master.

  2. I completely disagree with you cody, Shane's tattoos were among the top every week, he didn't fall into the bottom two once. if they were judgeing strictly on the final tattoos then you would have a case because tommy's final tattoos were both incredible. But i think shane takes it because of his well rounded-ness.

  3. I watched every episode and 100% think that Tommy deserved to win!!!!! Shane,whom was a total "brat", stayed within his comfort zone 85% of the time.

    1. Tommy’s hands are perfect. the left hand, the fingers are front and the right hand the back of the hand is showing. put ur glasses on and look again!

  4. shane although he was an ass most the show did do the best if you take into accou the whole time he did them, like someone else said he never did REALLY bad, and is it just me or does the grim reapers scythe look mnore like a pick axe.

    1. You are a moron. Pick axes are flat at the tip at a 90 degree angle to the handle with a slight arch. nothing like this tattoo!

  5. Alright listen tommy did good..great even but this was the title for INK MASTER. Being ink master means you have to be great at everything you do, this is shanes talent. He is well rounded and can do any tattoo we learned that in the show very quickly. The judge gave then pieces to do and Shane o’neill knew they would LOOK better in black and gray the judges even told other artists that they should have went with black and gray in many of their pieces. tommy was great but he did mess up on a few tattoos even though he made up for it that is no excuse you have to be perfect at tattooing in order to be INK MASTER.

    Congrats to o’neill because he did not mess up on a tattoo and proved he was great at colour.

    1. you’re right it is Ink Master. But, that includes all ink not just black white into grays inks… Shane didnt even deserve to be in the final 2.

    2. era completo? un completo patan, jamas salio de su zona de confort, siempre fue protegido por los jueces jamas debió ganar el programa, solo hace un estilo y nada mas, mas bien hicieron justicia a tommy con el programa que tiene, el otro pues ya es un nadie

  6. The judges did allude that Tonmy's final tattoos were better than Shane's, however as Shane was never in the bottom, they could not give it to Tommy.
    I think that both Shane and Tommy are good – I believe Tommy is better, however it is what it is and giving the title to Shane was not too bad an idea. It could have gone either way and based on performance throughout the competition it was fair to give it to Shane.

  7. Glad to read this to see that others saw that tommy messed up on the hands of the reaper! how can the back part of the hand be facing outward on both hands?

    1. the hands are right. the fingers on the left hand are showing forward as is the back of the riht hand. look before you run your mouth

  8. i don' think any of the people on this show are nearly as good as the people at the shop around the corner from my house. i was disappointed every week in almost every tattoo on the show. none of these people are "ink masters"

  9. wow those guys are the best at tattoes,bad ass grin ripper is the best tatto ever and i wish thy will bring back the ink master back.damn man i want those tattoos.

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  11. The right hand on on Tommy's "Woman holding an apple" tatto, is freakin awful. It's deformed, really bad. You can't say he had to win, with that huge mess on that hand.

  12. Tommy should have won hands down. He was cheated, he was and is the most well rounded. Shane slid by the whole way, all he did was black and gray. Yeah Shane is a great tattooer but only at what he's comfortable with. Think of it like this, if Josh did new school the whole way threw he wouldn't have deserved to win it yet that's what Shane did but because he's so good at what he does he got away with it. Tommy was fucked out of 100 Gs. But he's was cool about it and now he got his own show. But I think he knows he was fucked and I think the judges regret picking Shane.

  13. Sorry folks. Tommy’s hands in the reaper are backwards. Holding anything that you swing the little fingers on both hands are always towards the end, short side of the handle. Pick ax, ax, baseball bat, doesn’t matter. The thumb side never leads. Pick up you channel changer and hold it like you’re about to swing it. You can’t do it any differently…,,,

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