Is The Delta Variant Deadlier Than The Original Variant?

Is The Delta Variant Deadlier Than The Original Variant?

Is the delta variety deadlier than the original variant? What is the survival rate? What are the symptoms?

So far they have data from the UK.

  • UK has the most Delta variant cases, with more than 65,000 cases
  • Epidemiologist at the Queen Mary University of London said, “This is a mutation that has possibly been associated again with a better escape from vaccines and possibly even increased transmissibility. We don’t yet know the properties of this new variant with this particular mutation on top.
  • Scientist believes that the Delta is about 60% more infectious than the Alpha variant
  • The Public Health England said that more than 90% of the new cases in the UK are from the delta

What’s Delta Survival Rate or Death Rate?

There is still little data available about whether the delta variant causes more deaths. What is known is that according to Public Health England, 117 of the 92,056 people infected with the delta variant in the UK up to June 21 have died. 50 people of the 117 who died from the delta variant in the UK up to June 21 had been fully vaccinated. All of the fully vaccinate 50 people who die from the delta were over 50 years old.

That means a fatality rate of 0.1%, which is very low compared to other variants, said the report.

The hospitalization rate reported so far from the UK indicates that the delta variant causes a more severe course of illness rather than a milder one: The risk of ending up in hospital after becoming infected with delta is almost double that after being infected by the alpha variant, according to data from the Public Health England and a new study published in the medical journal The Lancet.

0.1% fatality rate, which sounds not that bad to me, then keep in mind. This data was from the UK up until June 21. The UK got the vaccines before Thailand, and the UK has more people fully vaccinated than the Thais, and the UK doesn’t use the Chinese vaccines.

So based on that, the lockdown and what they are doing now, I think, is the right call. It’s hard, but it’s the right thing to do, so the hospital doesn’t get crowded. There will be people leaving comments saying the Thais should leave everything the way it is now. Some people will say Thailand doesn’t need more lockdown and restrictions.

Well, I live here. I don’t have the vaccine. Send the Thais and send me the western vaccines, like Pfizer. Even Thais with money are having a hard time buying vaccines. It’s easy for you to say, to not do anything.

This brings me to the next thing.

Possibility of Complete Lockdown in Thailand

Accodring to Thai PBS World,

If the covid cases are still high, there is a possibility of a complete lockdown in two months.

The Thai Ministry of Public Health, Dr.Opart said,

If the new infection rate is still high in the next two months, there is a possibility that we might have to impose a lockdown, like in Wuhan, China, to control the spread of the virus, where people have to stay at home and are not allowed to travel, to a point where food and water will be delivered to homes,

According to data from the UK’s ZOE COVID Symptom Study app, the symptoms caused by the delta variant differ from the ancestral virus and other mutations. As people in the UK reported their symptoms to the ZOE app, they described headaches, sore throats, runny noses and fever. In some cases, there was coughing as well.

Source: I found this article on DW news from Germany is about what they know about the Delta variant.


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