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Two guys showed up at my door and basically bullied me. Told me all about the program and about the bill I am receiving now and wanted to make sure I was getting a credit on my bill from the government already. Told me how much it was and I told them that I was not interested. They kept insisting on it and would not give up, would not let me shut my door. I told them to come back when my husband got home. They did not appear again. The a month later I find out by receiving mail that I had been signed up and they called in the confirmation. I did not make this call. They had someone call in pretending it was me and now I am stuck with the bill. I have tried to cancel this account 2 times already. I cancelled on May 18th, 2011 and then when I called in again today my account has still not been cancelled and the CSR told me should would cancel it again but I still have to pay for the past month.

This is complete fraud since I never made that phone call. When I asked what phone number they called from they could not give me the number. I am now going to take them to court and if I can file charges of fraud against the young men who appeared at my door.

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One thought on “Just Clean Energy

  1. My complaint is against Just Energy as well, I had a customer service representative show up at my door. And yes very pushy, I advised him I was not interested and he kept insisting , so I told him to come back when my husband was home. Two weeks later I receive a confirmation package in the mail. I contact them to cancel, and send me a copy of my agreement, and guess what the sales rep forged my signature, for the past month I have been try to get this matter dealt with, and no one will return my calls.

    Fran I feel your frustration, just called again today since I received my bill and there is a charge on it for just energy, still waiting for a supervisor to call back, but not keeping my fingers crossed. Looks like I also will have to seek legal action.

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