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I am just getting contacted by Just energy and they are trying to charge me over $7OO for canceling my electricity from the apartment I lived in for only one year back in 2OO9-2O1O.

They are saying that it was from the breach of the 5 year contract that I signed, but no where did it say that there was this much of a deactivation fee, nor was I told by my landlord, or any of the service workers that I spoke to when I was canceling my services and paying my final bills. All my electricity bills have been paid for, and I think its ridiculous that I am charged almost $1OOO for leaving them. Is there any way out of this?

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4 thoughts on “Just Energy cancellation fee

  1. You said you moved from the apartment. Where are you living now? If you moved into an area where the company do not service, you do not have to pay anything.

    Or if you moved into another apartment/condo or any location where you are not responsible for paying your electricity or natural gas (your name is not on the utility bills). You don't have to pay anything also.

    Read more about how to get out of contract here.

    1. I am now living in brampton where I do not pay any utilities as my rent is a set fee and the landlord pays the bills under her name.

      So when I speak to the representatives at Just Energy, I can just inform them of this and it should help to get out of the contract cancellation fees? thanks a lot

      1. Exactly, call Just Energy and tell them just that.

        They may need a copy of your driver license ect. as proof that you did indeed moved and no longer responsible for paying your utilities.

        Even you paid your last bill in full, you may get send to collection because you're suppose to call them and tell them you moved.

        Some people may pay and thats easy money. Some people that understand their rights ask why they were sent to collection.

        It is certainly unethical, but not criminally illegal.

        For Ontario residents who sign a gas or electricity contract after Jan 2011, the cancellation fees are now $50 per year remaining for electricity (hydro) contract and $100 per year for the remaining of natural gas. (I still think $100 per year for gas is still high)

        So, no more $700 or $1500 cancellation fees.

  2. I was with energy savings and all of a suddenly I am with just energy. I enquired about that and they said they sent me letters, so I decided to cancel their services but when I switched I didn't realize I was still with them for gas. I was charged a disconnect fee because I had a one year contract with them which I did not sign. Then I get my bill and they are still charging me electricty I phoned the company yet again and they tell me that that was for Jan. and Feb. which I had just paid $984.54. Now they are saying I owe them 300.00 more for electricity. Now I've gotten rid of them for good hopefully. I am telling you this and do not go with this company there bills are sky high and you just can't get rid of them. This company is a nightmare and the worst I've ever dealt with so if you want to get sucked dry go with this co.

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