Just Energy – Costly billing and costly to get out of

I am so entirely fed up with this company I tried to get out of this contract 1.5 years ago and was told no. Today I received my hydro bill and it is a supply charge of $370.40 plus the hydro company charges (low charges I might add) and then $73.00 in HST. The bill totalled $645.44 for two months and when I called I was told to cancel the estimate pay out is $258.00 and they would be on my bill for another 2 to 4 months so the extra charges and payout will totally ruin any Christmas and they were unaffected by this. As a single mother of 5 they are financially raping their customers on promises of cheaper bills. This is a load of crap and I will be writing to the PM and my local MP regarding this and it is an outrage that they do this to people of all ages. I can’t imagine how many seniors and other single parent or persons on a fixed income they have done this to. This is borderline illegal as I see it. Someone has to stop them.

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