Just Energy got me to sign up with them last night with promis of lower rates

The guy was here at 8.30 p m. got me to give him my monthly gas bill form columbia gas co. promised me a very much lower rate to start in 30 days, he called some one on the phone using my phone to get the ok from me. to start this program. by the time he was out the door i had a bad feeling about this. now i know he was a fraud person and this was a scam.please help me to stop this now.

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2 thoughts on “Just Energy got me to sign up with them last night with promis of lower rates

  1. I'm not sure the law in Ohio, but here in Ontario you get 10 days then they call you and you say yes or no.

    You need to pick up the phone and call now if you want to cancel. They are open mon-sat and close on sundays.

    You can cancel without paying any penalty 30 days after you get your first bill with them, but since you just sign you haven't been switch yet.

  2. Oh one more thing, if you don't believe me you will most likely to pay more. Check out this statistics by Citizens Utility Board in Ohio.

    They found that 98% of the people who sign up with lost money in Ohio.

    Also, this is not really about the money, it is about fraudulent sale tactics use by door-to-door sales agents. If they were upfront about it, most of us wouldn't sign-up.

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