Just Energy NY over charged

This is the worst service and plan that I have ever had. I was told that my bills would be reduced by taking on this company…that was not true. My bills were actually higher than they have ever been. I was also told that there was no termination fee if I did not like it after five months. Now I have changed back to ambit..and I love my bill and service.

However, I have just been slapped with a $100 termination fee. I have been asking them to send me my original contract and they wont. Now they have turned me into a credit collector. I have never been so mad or had anything like this happen to me. This is the worst company by far. They should be ashamed of the way they are running this company. Anyone out there reading this…go to AMBIT! Very reasonable!

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3 thoughts on “Just Energy NY over charged

  1. If you request Just Energy to send you a copy of your original contract and they do not. It probably mean they do not have your contract. If that's the case, the contract is void and no penalty.

  2. Ugh… this same thing just happened to me. I switched to Ambit and couldn't be happier but now Just Energy is charging me $104 cancellation fee. I know I was promised there was no contract and no fees and this is just not right, I am so upset but I don't know what to do about it.

    1. You should switch to Citizens Choice Energy because there are never any enrollment fees, hidden fees, cancellation fees, contracts, anything of that nature. No risk at all. If you choose CCE for your supplier for both gas and electric then you also receive your fourth month of gas free upto $50, so it will help with the cancellation fee from Just Energy. If you have any questions you can contact me or just check it out for yourself at http://www.bestnyenergy.org. Good luck!

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