Door-to-door Theft

We noticed a 300% increase on our Hydro Bill in 1 month. Our investigation revealed that “|Just Energy Company” has been stealing money from our bank account using our legitimate Hydro account number since 2001. Their position: “We have a signed contract with MY name on it”. THEY DO NOT. Fast forward 3 months to their new position ( after countless phone calls from me to these soulless people): “Oh, you are right, we do not have a contract with you, we have one with your wife”. This too is absolutely impossible because the real account is in my name and my name only under a contract I signed with Ontario Hydro 22 years ago. I have checked contract law in this Province and they do not have the right to do what they are doing. I have also been waiting for about 6 months now for them to send me a copy of this “contract” to verify the signature (s). They have not done so. I now have no choice but to let the Police investigate this matter of outright fraud and theft with the hope that it not only becomes a matter for the public record, but they lose their ability to operate in this, or any other country.

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3 thoughts on “Door-to-door Theft

  1. Hello Im having this very same issue, I live in canada ontario, reading what you posted is the very same as my problem ,, I need help,,, would love to take these people to court. What can I do? did you seek legal action?

    1. In Ontario, contact the Ontario Energy Board. They are the government body that regulate Just Energy and many other companies.

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