Man Marrying His Mistress, Then Wife & Mom Came To Crash The Wedding

Angry mother-in-law in Thailand crashed a man’s wedding ceremony to his mistress while he was still legally married to her daughter

The mother-in-law hit her son’s head in front of monks and next to his mistress.

The mistress, supposedly knowing that her future husband is already married, everyone remains seated while the groom is confused.

The monks still recite prayers at the wedding ceremony.

The legal wife, Nipapan Peuchpen, they have two children together.

Her husband, a police officer, Sarunyoo Mukaew, had cheated on her with a younger woman for more than a year.

Nipapan was devastated but kept the affair a secret to protect her two young daughters.

Then the wedding came.

Friends told the mother-in-law and the current wife about the wedding.

“I didn’t really think that my husband would marry his mistress,” said Nipapan

Thai law does not recognize and forbid bigamy.

Now the husband is facing 30 days in jail for bigamy.

Thailand marriage certificate
Nipapan (wife) showing the couples marriage certificate to the woman’s family

Mother-in-law and Nipapan hired a lawyer to filed a complaint to the cops so her son-in-law and “homewrecker” girlfriend would be punished.


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