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Open for business in 2008, National Home Services is claiming to be one of Canada’s fastest growing home services company. In the past 3 years National Home Services upgrades Ontario residents’ air conditioners, furnaces and hot water heaters to energy efficient Energy Star qualified products by signing up business with door-to-door sale.

Since the conception of National Home Services and its door-to-door sale for water heater tanks. For the first time Water Heater Rentals made the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services TOP 10 most consumer complaints in Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services is warning consumers about door-to-door salespeople from National Home Services who offer deals that sound too good to pass up. Read about the consumer alert by the Ontario Government here.

National Home Services claim to have 110,000 customers, but the company does not disclose how many of those customers are filing complaints against the company.

National Home Services utilize door-to-door sale to signup business. Their door-to-door sale people are trained within 1 or 2 days and then jammed into a van to go walk around selling hot water tanks, air condition and furnaces.

National Home Services door-to-door sale agents will tell you they’re from the energy company or the hot water company, but they fail to inform you that they are specifically not from your current provider.

If you sign with National Home Services, they will try to install the water heater tank, air condition or the furnace the same or the next day. Without giving you enough time to read or to think about the terms and conditions.

In Ontario, anything sold at the door over $50, the homeowners has the right to cancel within the first 10 days without any reason. National Home Services seem to be trying to deny you that right by installing their products the same day or the next day without the 10 days cooling off period.


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