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Quarantine and other travel restrictions may end by October

Thailand is slowly reopening to foreign tourists, but it won’t fully reopen without any quarantine and travel restrictions until the end of this year in 2021.

Awaiting Cabinet approval is the Ministry of Tourism and Sports reopening plan.

Which include 4 phases, the phase is to start.

Four-phase reopening

Phase 1 – April and May

Tourists will be able to use fitness facilities, swim and go on cycle rides on the grounds (subject to protocols) in the ASQ. Tourists are also allowed to eat food delivered from outside the hotels.

“Visitors from the UAE, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and possibly India and Russia.”

Phase 2 – June to September

Tourists are allowed access to an exclusive travel area, like Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, Krabi, Chiang Mai or one of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

After 10 days or less, and they have no sign of the virus with at least two PCR swab tests. They are allowed to travel anywhere in Thailand.

“Visitors from the UAE, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and possibly India and Russia.”

Phase 3 – October to December

1 Day quarantine in one of the provinces next to the sea, if their PCR Swab test is negative.

Then the last phase 4 from January 2022 onward

There is no quarantine for vaccinated international travellers who pre-test negative before departure and have a “vaccine passport or vaccination certificate.”

However, the entire four-phase remains subject to review by the government and approval by the Thai cabinet.

I’ll be surprised if they still have travel restrictions by the end of this year unless there is a new variant that the vaccine can’t protect you.

The government is under a lot of pressure to reopen without quarantine. Because if they keep dragging this on, more stories like the next story will continue.


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