Pha Taem National Park of Thailand

Diagram & Map of Pha Taem

Parking lot in Pha Taem - one solid rock

The rocky parking lot of Pha Taem.

Looking over the Mekhong River

Looking over the cliff to the Thai and Laos border.

The first sunset in Thailand can be seen here

Cliff "Danger! Steep Rock Cliff"

Cliff off Pha Taem - Watch your steps

Watch your steps around the cliff. There are no fences or barriers on the cliff face. Make sure you hang on to your children.

Cliff Cafe - the only cafe in Pha Taem

The only cafe in Pha Taem, grab yourself a water bottle before your hike.

“3,000” years old ancient painting

The "3,000 years old" painting

There are about 300 prehistoric paintings, dating back to 3,000 years ago. The above image is the first set of paintings (Group 1), there are a combine total of four set of prehistoric paintings along the 4,000 meters trail.

Hiking path in Pha Taem

The entire walking trail around the cliff is about 4,000 meters long.

3,520 meters hiking


The climate of Pha Taem is variable – the average lowest temperature is 22C or 70f and the average highest reaches 33C or 90f.

The rainy season, from June to September is monsoonal. The cold winter from October to February is a beautiful flowering season. The whole valley will be covered with small, wild flora.

The weather will turn to be hot in March until May which is the season of the colorful forest.

Sao Chaliang (monolithic-rock pillar)

Mushroom-like sandstone known as Sao Cha Liang

The formation of mushroom-like sandstone outcroppings known in Thai as Sao Chaliang which translates to monolithic-rock pillar in English, located at the roadside on the way to the Visitor Center.

Sao Cha Liang - entrance to Pha Team

The lower part or stalk is a rock in the Jurassic age of about 180 million years, the mushroom shape on top is a sandstone of Cretaceous age of about 130 million years.

Sao Chaliang caused by the erosion and corrosion of water and wind, especially from corrosion by rivers or creeks eroded over the years.

Sao Cha Liang - translate to rock pillars

There are small rock pillars scattered throughout Pha Taem protected forests. If you are visiting Dong Na Tham area, there are double rock pillars Dong Na Tham, smaller rock pillars with perfectly beautiful located in the middle of Dong Na Tham forest.

Diagram of Pha Taem

Diagram of Pha Taem

  1. Rock Pillar
    An eroded sandstone column. It has been subject to various age old and severe eroding forces of nature from water, wind and sunlight.
  2. Pha Taem
    Over the cliff face there les the ancient colored painting dated back about 3,000 to 4,000 years. It covers the long strip of cliff face of around 180 meters containing the figures of man, hands, animals, objects and geometric patterns.
  3. Dry Dipterocarp Forest
    Forests in the environs are deciduous type. Dominant amount the collections are Tend and Rand species. Major characteristics are hard barks, fire resistant, turning yellowish red in the dry season and dropping leaves to prevent the watery loss.
  4. Mekong River
    Riparian waterway ariginated in China and Tibet, flows and forms the Thai – Laos borders. It shows the sign of soil erosion with its reddish color. It is also the source of renowned fresh water fish – Pla Buek or the Meknong Giant catfish.
  5. Wild Flower Field
    wild Flower Field above the Soi Sawan waterfall with an area about 42 acres. Most of the Carnivorous flower such as Soi Sawan, Dusita, Manee Dhawa, Thip Kesorn, Sarassa Chandhorn. Wild Flower Field are large and beautiful flower bloom in late winter rain about October to January of each year.
  6. Waterfall
    Pha Taem are numerous important waterfall such as Soi Sawan waterfall, Thung Na Mueang waterfall and Sand Chan waterfall.


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