Pros and cons of technology

New technology are being invented, upgrade and introduce to the market every day. What you will have to decide is whether you need the upgrade or need to have the newest technology for your work or for your own use.

It is almost impossible to list all the pros and cons of technology that influence the way we work, communicate and our way of life.

Technology pros and cons

Technology Pros

Here is a list of the pros of technology

Technology Cons

Here is a list of the cons of technology

Technology help improve our standard of living with inventions such as the automobile, fridge, TV, computers, the internet and so on.

Technology helps industries and individuals to automate complex process or to do dangerous tasks. For example, robots in the production line can operate all day doing mundane jobs that human workers used to do.

Technology increase efficiency and productivity. This mean higher profit because technology can do more tasks faster than human.

The invention of the computers helps us communicate, share information, invent, design, store huge amount of data, organize and manage tasks.

Transferring million of dollars can be done in a few clicks and take seconds to securely transfer money from one person to another person anywhere around the world. As well as making online purchase, checking your balance and paying your bills without leaving the comfort of your home.

Computers technology have brought new industries such as the software industry, hardware industry, the internet industry, the search engine industry with Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and resulted in many high tech jobs.

The internet is now an important part in how we communicate and share information. The internet positively changes the advertising industry, the entertainment industry and many other industries.

Creating digitalize information allows large amount of information to be store in a small compact storage (CD, DVD, USB, hard drive, ect.). In addition, digitalizing information such as data, music, images and videos can be store for a very long time. Digitalize information also contains the quality of the information if it need to be duplicated multiple times, unlike the previous types of technology like tape recorder lower the quality of information when duplicate.

Satellite communication is also an important part of technology. Without it, there would be no cellular phones, GPS, steatite radio or satellite TV to broadcast anywhere around the world.

Cellular phones revolutionized the communication industry. Regular telephone was also a technology we still use today and it too revolutionized the way we communicate. With mobile phones, we are able to call anyone in the world outside our home, offices or walking down the street.

Digitalize information reduce waste from printed materials like magazines and newspaper.

There are so many ways technology has an positive impact on our lives but it is impossible to list them all. If you think I miss something important, feel free to add it in the comment area below this page.

Computers are addictive, people spent hours and days playing video games or online casino.

Technology requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning correctly.

Need to upgrade your skills to operate new technology or have to retrain your employees.

The cost of technology and the maintenance cost is something to be considered.

Technology can break down; you may loss all of your data if you don’t have a backup.

There are hackers, virus and other cyber-terrorists that can steal sensitive information or disrupt the flow of information.

Technology replaces people in many jobs because technology is more cost effective and more efficient than humans. For example, robots in the automotive industries replace human workers.

There is no or little privacy. Information on your computer can be look into at your workplace if your employer chose to do so. Your information can be trace or stolen if your network is not secure.

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