Remove Just Energy from NYSEG bill

I signed up for Just Energy a month ago on our NYSEG bill. The bill is in my husbands name and he was not home at the time. I was told by the young man that I had 30 days after my first bill to cancle. Well, I have been calling the number provided and I get the voice activated machine. I leave messages and my name and number but no one ever calls me back. I really just want to cancel this off my bill. I don’t understand what the big deal is on their part of it. My husband who is the only name on the bill would also like to get Just Energy OFF our bill. Thank you

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One thought on “Remove Just Energy from NYSEG bill

  1. It's best to call them, they will tired to keep your business. Ask for the operator id, and they will give you your cancellation number. Write that down.

    You can find their contact info on their website at:

    Don't wait around until it is too late to cancel. You may regret paying for the canceling fee if later you decide to get out.

    Good luck.

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