Solar energy impact on human, animals and the environment

We use electricity to fuel our homes and business to power our appliances and to provide light. To get electricity we use burning fossils, burning of coal and use nuclear. These types of electricity generation produce greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming, create toxic bio products such as acid rain, unpleasant smell, it releases carbon dioxide, pollute the air, pollute water, and produce toxic waste.

If we keep doing what we been doing the past century this may result in our own destruction and all living things on the planet. The question is how we can avoid this with the use of alternative renewable energy like solar energy to produce electricity for our energy needs.

The sun has been around for more than 4 billion years, it is the main benefactor for all life on earth and our solar system. Why not utilize it for our energy demand to produce clean electricity through the sun’s solar energy with less impact on human, animals, the environment and all living things.

Below are lists of the positive impact of solar energy on human, animals and the environment.

Solar energy impact on human

  • Solar Energy is one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy.
  • Does not release any gas, create any nose, does not pollute the air we breathe or ground.
  • Once the solar system is install, it provides free energy and can last for over 25-50 years. On the long-term solar system will save you a lot of money on energy cost.
  • Virtually there is no maintenance required and you can always add new solar panels to your solar system if you require more energy.
  • Solar energy is renewable and widely available.
  • You can sell the access energy your solar panels produce back to the national grid and this drastically lower your electricity bill.
  • You don’t have to be connected to the national grid to get electricity, therefore you can use solar systems in isolate locations without having to have long wires connecting to the national grid.
  • The main impact is more money into the user wallet because you will get free electricity for a very long time and it will pay itself many times over.
  • Having solar panels install to your home will increase your home value.
  • Can be use to warm water on hot water heaters and cook food with solar ovens.

Solar energy impact on animals

  • There is no big impact on animals with solar energy except when they are transporting and manufacturing solar panels.
  • Plants need photosynthesis, photosynthesis in plants use the sunlight from solar energy. Without sunlight plants will die as well as other living creatures.

Solar energy impact on the environment

  • The biggest impact is solar energy does not release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulpher dioxide, or mercury into the environment. Which mean solar energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain, or smog.
  • Does not create any noise because there are no moving parts, does not release unpleasant smell.
  • Solar energy from the sun is widely abundant and available around the world.
  • Materials use to create solar panels are recyclable, at the end of its life you can recycle the parts therefore it create very little pollution to impact the environment.
  • The only pollution from solar energy is the manufacturing of solar panels and transporting it, but the pollution is very little when compare to other sources of energy like coal or nuclear.
  • The sun heats the oceans that results in wind.

The sun is the biggest benefactor for all life not just on earth but also in our solar system. Why not covert the sun’s energy to electricity, we now have the technology and ability to make that happen without negatively impacting the planet.

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