Spicy Thai Sausage in Chiang Mai

Spicy Thai Sausage in Chiang Mai

This first place on my list is the Spicy Thai Sausage in the northern part of Chiang Mai province, not anywhere near the Chiang Mai city.

We drove about one hour away from the Chiang Mai City on very small roads up and around the mountains. It was a bit scary for me since I never been there before and at some parts of the road, you can look right off the side of the cliff.

I don’t have the map and address for this restaurant, it was hidden away somewhere on the side of the mountain.

It was a restaurant without any walls or ceiling; you could eat and sit inside one of the bamboo tents. But we went to the back and sat right next to a small stream of water flowing down from the mountain.

It was the combination of eating outdoor in nature, no air pollution, no noise pollution, home cooked sausages and a group of friends which made this my #1 on the list.

It was the fusion of the pork sausage, the smoke tasting from the charcoal. Then you have nature, and a group of friends which made it my most memorable and most delicious dish in Chiang Mai.

So there you have it, my 10 best foods and restaurants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As you can see, you don’t need to have a $100 dollars or even $20 dollars to eat top-notch, international, high quality food in Chiang Mai.

My 10 best Thai food & restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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