Thailand & Pattaya Plan to Reopen Without Adult Entertainment Industry

Pattaya Reopen Without Adult Entertainment Industry

The Thai officials from Pattaya city and Chun Buri province have not made any plans to reopen the bars, nightlife or the infamous adult entertainment industry for this November when the city plans to reopen to fully vaccinated tourists without quarantine. In this article, we will be talking about the plans they are planning to attract visitors to Pattaya without the nightlife activities. Will it work?

The country’s tourism sector, along with the adult entertainment industry, collapsed during the border closure in early 2020. 1.5 years later, officials are preparing to revive the struggling economy by reopening the coastal town of Pattaya city.

Since the closure, Thailand has changed, especially Pattaya, as the city was a nightlife and adult entertainment destination. Pattaya is famous for one thing only, to the point that any man living in Pattaya will most likely be looked at as a sex tourist, regardless if that is true or not.

Pattaya was supposed to reopen to international tourists in October, but the shortage of vaccines and the slow rollout of vaccinations had delayed the reopening for another month to November.

This constantly moving target for reopening Pattaya has frustrated foreign tourists looking elsewhere for holidays.

As a result, the tourism business in Pattaya fears that foreign tourists will lose confidence in travelling to Thailand. Many tourists hoping to visit Pattaya cancelled their hotel booking, airline tickets, tour agencies and businesses related to tourism.

The authorities must find a way to adjust the format of the tourism promotion program in Pattaya, especially ones that build confidence for tourists.

Pattaya Reopens With No Quarantine

At the time of this writing, Bangkok, Pattaya, and other popular destinations plan to reopen in November to fully vaccinated international tourists without quarantine. However, the reopening of Bangkok’s and Pattaya’s infamous nightlife activities remains close.

Phuket has already reopened to fully vaccinated tourists for several months now, and its nightlife activities are largely closed due to covid 19 measures. Just last week, police raided and shut down bars in Patong, the island’s famous entertainment and nightlife district. Not because of illegal drugs or prostitution, but for selling alcohol in bars. The selling of alcohol is banned, and police are instructed to inspect different areas to ensure no one is selling alcohol to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Thai authorities are focusing on promoting cultural and natural attractions for future foreign tourists, such as the beaches, islands, water activities, golf courses, temples, modern shopping centers like Terminal 21 and central Festival. No longer will it be the GoGo or beer bar culture when it reopens, or at least for now.

Plans for The Reopening of Pattaya

  1. Accelerate the vaccination campaign, any region wishing to reopen to international tourists will need at least 70% of its adult vaccinated. Pattaya aims to hit that vaccination rate by the end of October.
  2. Authorities to scrap the mandatory quarantine requirement to fully vaccinated tourists. Since tourists who can travel to Thailand generally have two weeks of vacation. There is no point in travelling to a place that will lock you up in a hotel for 1 or 2 weeks.
  3. More flights must be allowed to fly to Thailand.
  4. To encourage businesses to get SHA standard or get the SHA Plus certification. The ‘SHA’ certifies that venues and companies have public health measures for COVID-19, while the ‘Plus’ sign confirms that more than 70% of employees in the organization are fully vaccinated.

At the time of this writing, there is no announcement when or if Pattaya will reopen the nightlife activities. The authority appears to take the focus away from nightlife, GoGo and bars to reassure tourists, and there would still be plenty to keep people busy on holiday in Pattaya or the likes.

While foreign tourism likely won’t resume with high capacity in October or even November. Domestic tourism will – fueled by the extension of the government’s subsidized travel campaign.

Do you believe foreign tourists will flock to Pattaya or other destinations where the main attractions (nightlife activities), remain close, and not everything is fully open? Will tourists opt-out and go somewhere to Japan or Korea? Leave your comment below.



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One thought on “Thailand & Pattaya Plan to Reopen Without Adult Entertainment Industry

  1. Pattaya has many open air bars and restaurants that would not pose a problem as these are well ventilated areas, why can’t these remain open to sell alcohol to welcome tourists back in November? I fully understand closed in indoor venues may still pose a risk at the moment.

    I planned to travel to Jomtien Pattaya in November but if I can’t relax and enjoy a beer in open bars or restaurants which tourists want to do on holiday, what’s the point in travelling there? So I have now had to cancel my 3 week planned holiday to Thailand and book elsewhere. It’s a shame and doesn’t make sense. !

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