The worst laptop/notebook brand: HP

Just came back from dropping off my broken HP laptop at the computer store. (My model was HP Pavilion DV6000 ) Apparently the repair man at the computer store said the HP laptops are one of the most repaired laptop brands in his store (about 20 each month), next to Toshiba and then Acer. I asked him which laptop he thinks gets the least repaired and he said the Acer Laptops are the least repaired.

Below is a chart for the malfunction rate of different brand of lap tops. Not sure how accurate this is, but you can read the rest of the article here and I’m not surprise HP is the worst.


Continuing on with my story…..I brought this HP laptop as refurbished directly from HP on eBay back in 2007. Once I had it mailed to my house and after about 10 minutes of first used, I smell something burning and then the computer shut itself off. Luckily for me there was a 1 year warranty with HP refurbished systems. I called the support and they gave me their location to their repaired shop closest to my house where I can send it back at no charge to have it fix.

I got my new fixed HP laptop back about 2 weeks later and when I talked to the repaired guy about what caused it to go down. He told me the motherboard got burned and they had to replace the motherboard along with the 2x 2BG memory ram and the video card.

Because my HP laptop needed repaired only 10 minutes after I turned it on and I had to wait 2 weeks for it to get fix. I decided to buy the 2 years extended warranty, but when I called to pay for the extended warranty, the HP support person said my laptop was no longer under any warranty, so I can’t get the extended warranty. However, I just had the laptop only for about 1 month. I told the support person about how I sent my laptop back to HP to have it repaired only a few weeks earlier still with warranty, but apparently they said it was no longer under warranty.

I never brought a laptop before and only been using desktop PC for many years. I had about 3 or 4 PC before and never had any problem with anyone of them. So I was not concern about searching the internet about which laptop has the most problem and repairs, my only concern at the time prior to buy this HP laptop was the hardware of the laptop.

Now my HP laptop is broken down again for the second time with no warranty. I am not going to buy any more HP laptops. I am now leading towards Acer and maybe Toshiba laptops.

I would guess that Apple would be the best laptop but I’m a PC guy and I do some 3D work and gaming is important to me. So Apple is unfortunately out of the my list.

I am now waiting for the repaired guy to call me back to tell me how much this repair will cost. I brought this laptop in 2007 for about $1400-$1500, with 4 GB of ram, a 256MB Nvidia video card (for gaming), AMD Turion 64 X2, and 120GB hard drive. Now I am considering just selling off this laptop if I can afford the repair, if not I’ll sell the parts.

Never again I will buy any system refurbish. Maybe it was just my bad luck, but this HP laptop is the only one that have broken down not once, but twice and no more HP laptop for me for a long time.

Update: I just came back with my fixed HP laptop today. The total cost to fix was $150 CAN. I know the owner since we were in high school so he got me that price. The problems with my HP laptop was my VGA IGP chipset got over heated. I didn’t replace the whole motherboard which could be around $300 – $600 dollars if I was to go to a place like Futurshop or BestBuy, but my friend knew exactly which part he needed to replace since he been doing it many times before.

Lastly, I am going to buy one of those laptop cooling system and clean my HP laptop regularly. I guess these smaller laptops need more maintenance keeping the dust away than your regular PC desktops. I’ll keep you posted if I ever get anymore problems with this HP laptop in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “The worst laptop/notebook brand: HP

  1. I am quite stunned by this. For your 3D work you require a desktop though there are a few laptops which support low level 3d modelling like Acer 5738DG.

    happy hunting!!!

  2. I have hp pavilion dv9000z. After only 1 year, the motherboard was replaced due to overheating and after just 4 months, I had to return it to hp to have the motherboard replaced again. Now, it has the same problem again. HP should have recalled this series/model because of hardware problems, but instead gave us only an enhanced warranty service which is good only for 2 years. My computer is now out of warranty. I will never buy an HP computer again.

    1. Lucky for you they gave you the extended warranty.

      But yea, HP Notebooks suck ass. I have a workstation also by HP and nothing is broken so far. I guess they really need to work on their notebooks. For now no more HP notebooks for the next 10 years for me too. Maybe they have everything solve by then, or maybe not.

  3. Ok, just this mourning when I turn on my HP laptop the monitor didnt turn on. My HP Pavilion DV6000 die on me the third time. (6 weeks after the second fix)

    First it was the motherboard, which got burned along with my ram and video card and since it was still under the warranty HP took care of it. It took HP 2 weeks to have everything fix and send it back to me.

    Second problem, happened 6 weeks ago when the VGA IGP chipset got over heated. (most of it was my fault to leave the laptop on for too long on a summer 2 or 3 hours :P) I had to pay $150 CAD for the fix.

    Now, the third. Seem like the monitor is not working. All the lights are on but the monitor does not turn on and I am currently on vacation in Thailand. I still have 4 weeks left on my vacation and now I have to use the internet cafe. I have already paid $40 CAD for the wifi internet and only used it for about 2 weeks. I also brought a Belkin surge protector, so I know it is not caused by any power surges. I also, used my laptop in a cool air condition room ever since I had it fixed the second time to avoid over heating and I brought a laptop cooler for $30 CAD. read about the laptop cooler here.

    With all of that cautions and YET this HP Laptop still go down 6 weeks after it was fixed for the VGA IGP chipset. I take very good care of my equipments and why shouldn't you? This HP Pavilion DV6000 cost me more than $1500 CAD 3 years ago. Now I would be happy if I can sell it for $300-$400. I should have listen to my instinct and sell off this HP laptop 6 weeks ago when I had it fixed.

    I hope my hard drive is not affected, because I have about a few days worth of work in there 🙁


    I'm selling this one for sure! I have a HP workstation and scanner and both never had any problems, but their laptops sucks.

    So yea, NO MORE HP LAPTOPS AND NOTEBOOKS</>. You been warn!

  4. I buy hp laptop dv4 after 6 months the keyboard fail to work and thier is no services center in alberta canada hp laptop is worst laptop brand to buy do not hp any more

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