Toronto live traffic alert, real-time traffic video feeds

Don’t we all hate getting stuck in traffic? Not only it is a waste of time, noisy and smelly, it also cost you money by burning up gastoronto traffic tickets. Now we can avoid traffic by looking online before jumping in our cars and check the latest traffic report on the local roads and highways.toronto traffic tickets

You can even view traffic report outdoor if you have a mobile device like a cellular phone, black berry or an iPhone with internet connection to view real-time traffic report across Toronto and surrounding areas.

Check out this page by City News:
Toronto Traffic Report

Toronto live traffic alert from City News/City TV

Toronto traffic ticketsThese camera views are the same cameras used by City News or City TV on their live TV broadcast, but if you visit their webpage. You have more control on what highways and intersections you want to view. If you watch it on live TV, you will have to wait till the right highways to pop on screen. On the other hand, you can just jump right to their webpage and click on one of the hundreds of cameras and view traffics virtually instantly.

Another thing that makes this great is that the traffic report map from City News is seamlessly embedded with Google Map. This mean you can view all of City News live traffic cameras on all major highways Around Toronto and you get all the benefits and features on Google Map.

toronto traffic ticketsYou can even pick the cameras and “Add to Favourite Cameras”, this option would save time for any frequent visitors, since you don’t have to find and click each camera each time you visit.

If you bookmark this webpage and use the “Add to Favourite Cameras”, all you have to do is click on the link on your bookmark and the webpage is setup with all your cameras displaying the live traffic you selected.

Personally, if I was still working downtown Toronto and commuting on the highways on a regularly basis, I would consider getting an iPhone with internet connection and save this City News webpage as the homepage.

toronto traffic ticketsThe only downside to this is that, it only display traffic on highways. No traffic videos on other major roads, streets and intersections.

The traffic reports on City News/City TV are on the following highways:
400, 403, DVP, 401 East and 401 West

Alternatively, you can go directly to Google Map and zoom in or search Toronto. On the map at the upper right corner, click “Traffic”, this will display all major traffics on the map in Green, Yellow and Red. Green = no traffic, Yellow = some traffic, Red = Heavy traffic that you might want to avoid or look out for.

Toronto live traffic alert from Google Map

The Google Map traffic report not only displays the traffic flow on all major highways included from City News, but as well as other major roads and street.

Check it out below:
Google Map Traffic Report


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