Universal Energy lies

I got another energy sale guy knocking at my door again this evening. But this time it was a sale guy from Universal Energy.

I open my door and rolled my eyes right away, and the Universal Energy sale guy immediately say that he is not here to “NOT SELLING YOU ANYTHING”.

So I let him inside my house, big mistake.

Once he saw my water heater and he took 4 seconds to look at. He turned around and told me that the black plastic pipe at the top of our water heater might leak out carbon dioxide. Then he quickly showed me this piece of paper that was supposedly come directly from the Ontario government about the replacement of the black pipe. But he never said it was mandatory, if it was mandatory would you think my current water heater provider from came and replace it for us?

The Universal Energy energy sale person told me they would replace it for FREE and wait there is MORE! He will throw in a brand new water heater for FREE.

Ok, hang on. Something is fishy. There is no such thing as FREE my friends. I will have to sign a 15 years contract with the new water heater from them just to replace some black pipe, which he never told me. Then he was telling me they need to get rid of a water heater just to replace some plastic pipe? Are they that incompetent that they needed to move the entire water heater unit to replace some plastic pipes? Obviously, they want more money for me to pay when I sign a long term contract with their new water heater.

And how on earth a place of plastic pipe or a black PCV pipe causes any carbon dioxide? If you have some evidence please post it here.

We also have a carbon dioxide alarm literally 6 feet from the water heater. If there was any carbon dioxide leak, we would know.

Also, wouldn’t it be on TV warning everyone about this new danger?

I told the sale guy I’ll think about it and do more research. Then he seem to get fired up and say something like, “if I don’t want to die from carbon dioxide, I should get it”, and he seem to be mad at me because I wouldn’t go along with it. Then I told him, “if I die then I die, don’t worry it’s my life”. Then I shut off the light in the furnace room and showed him the door.

I also forgot to ask him to give me a copy of that paper document from the Ontario government so I can read it over. But I was too busy thinking about how to throw this sale guy out of my house.

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One thought on “Universal Energy lies

  1. I am currently trying to initiate a class action law suit against Universal Energy and Just Energy, apparently recently associated now. This company/ies operate fraudulent practices in BC and coerce consumers into signing lengthy contracts based on false promises. Terasen Gas, our provider in BC, will not help you get out of these contracts as they do not want a flood of customers returning to them at lower rates. See a CTV newscast earlier in March 2010 relating to this. I encourage any of you feeling victimized by this company to file formal complaints with your province's utilities/energy commission and hopefully if we all do this, the Canadian or Provincial governments will begin a class action.

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