Website like Craigslist:

Looking for an alternative to Craigslist?

There are many websites like Craigslist but most are small websites. Only a hand full of websites are just as big as Craigslist. One of those website is

backpage, craigslist alternative is a large classified type of website that aim at US and Canadian internet users. It offer people free or paid ad listing to sell, buy or trade. You can search or post items such as electronics, rental properties, adult related services, forums, jobs listing and more.

On the right side of is a drop down menu where you can select your State or Province/Territory. Once you select your region, you may refine your search with the option to select your city.

If you want to post an ad, click “Post an Ad” and all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Before you start buying or selling your stuff on or any classified websites you should be careful with scams. Read this article about Craigslist Scams. Even through it’s about Craigslist scams the same rules apply to any classified websites because the same scammers are using the same scams.

There you have it, a Cragislist Alternative.


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  1. You should add

    Listburn hopes to re-invent the way you search local classifieds and aims to make the item selling process quick, easy, and safer than other sites.

    While other sites would have you wade through enormous ads, sponsored links, and other forms of "distractive" content, Listburn is a no-frills way to search and list. You won't find thousands of categories to get lost in or have to deal with other ad sites built on "blogging" platforms that are cumbersome and "artsy." Just simple classifieds. Period.

    Go ahead, list something. You don't even need to register! Tell your friends. The more people that know about Listburn, the better the selection of items in your area.
    Share Listburn with your friends, family, or post it on your Facebook Wall!

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