Why you should learn to speak Thai

Another reason to learn Thai, is Thais don’t need to know you speak and understand Thai. Often, and I mean very often, I would pretend I didn’t know Thai, and the Thais would speak Thai to themselves. It was the closest thing to reading a person’s mind. Sometimes a Thai might say something not so nice about you, and then you will know who you want to stay away or not do business with. Also it can help you avoid being cheated or scammed out of your money.

Learning Thai not only help you negotiate and mingle with the locals, it will also help you seek the right Thai woman for a relationship. I think many western guys make the mistake of sticking around places like Pattaya or Phuket because not many Thais speak English outside of those cities. These western guys tend to make the mistake of getting involved with a woman in the wrong places.

If you’re an average looking or good looking young guy and know how to speak Thai then you don’t even have to go on a dating site. Your chances of hooking up with a Thai woman will increase 10 fold. Even if you are not young, if you can speak Thai and live in Thailand, this will make you a high commodity to Thai women because there are very few farangs who know the language and live in Thailand. If you fit this category, you’ll know how it feels to be a hot chick.

Learning Thai will open up so many doors for you in Thailand. It will allow you to meet and and befriend Thais who you wouldn’t know if you didn’t speak the language. Once you get to know some Thais and they become your acquaintances, you will get to know their friends, acquaintances, cousins, sisters, co-workers, etc.

Learning Thai is like the Holy Grail of finding the perfect Thai woman because good Thai women don’t hangout in beer bars in Pattaya. They don’t usually go on Thai dating sites to meet farangs, but they often go to clubs and are surrounded by their friends, and you won’t get through them no matter how good looking you are or how well you speak Thai. Finding a real good Thai woman is tough, so you need a network of Thai friends to find her, and then use your Thai to court her.

If you can speak Thai, you will be able to venture out of the tourist areas like Pattaya, Phuket and some parts of Bangkok where English is less spoken. You can seek the Thai woman of your dream anywhere in Thailand.


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