Lies and decpetion and now expect me to pay exit fees

They brought me into my contract with lies and decpetion and now expect me to pay exit fees. Law states i do not have to!

When a rep. came knocking on my door, I was willing to listen to his pitch. He claimed that I could save SO much money on my hydro and gas bills with a super low locked in rate. They were shocked that I was not already signed with them. He said I was the only house on the block not signed with them. I was a new home owner, so I signed. As months went by I did not see savings on my bills and after a couple years I was noticing sky rocketing bills. I later found out I was paying more than TRIPLE the government rates. The gas company even called me to inform me how much MORE I was paying. After talking to my neighbors, all who have been here since I bought my house, they all said the same thing…not ONE of them was with or had ever been with this company.

I am still in a battle with the company and a collection agency over this matter. I refuse to give them money for the exit fees, because the law is on my side. Unfortunately, they are giving me the run around and my credit is going to be affected. They have told me DOZENS of times that they will have someone from their legal dept. call me and I have yet to hear from them!! Big mistake signing that contract. I hope no ever signs with them again!!