Thailand Opens Officially To Everyone

Thailand Opens Officially To Everyone

Thailand opens to everyone, but what are the requirements to enter now?

Thailand is now available to practically everybody with a valid passport, and getting into the nation is almost as simple as before COVID. You’ll be back in this amazing nation in no time with a bit of planning and effort.

There are virtually no Chinese or Russian tourists. If you have watched the news lately, you know why. Also, the fact that the country banned foreign tourists for almost 2 years makes the Kingdom an excellent place to visit.

More visitors are returning to the picturesque Land of Smiles, a term used to describe the country by foreign visitors (not by Thais). Now Thailand has reached its “most open” status for travel in the last two years.

However, entering isn’t the same as it was in 2019, and most tourists still have concerns or reservations about what it’s like to enter right now.

I’ll guide you through the entry travel requirements, pre-departure procedures, arrival processes, and the current situation.

No Thailand Pass, No Quarantine, No Test-and-Go, No PCR Tests

Entry travel requirements to Thailand as of May 1, 2022.

Fully Vaccinated International Visitors:

  • No more Thailand Pass
  • There is no need for quarantine or a COVID-19 test.
  • No more $10,000 USD in COVID-19 insurance coverage

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet and would like to travel to Thailand, here’s what you need to do.

Unvaccinated International Visitors:

  • Unvaccinated international visitors must have a PCR COVID-19 test certificate, and the test must be taken within 72 hours of departure and must be presented upon arrival.
  • Must have at least $10,000 USD in COVID-19 insurance coverage, except for Thai nationals.
  • And then Apply for a Thailand Pass. It is being reported that Thailand Pass will no longer be required sometime in the future, but more about that later.

Arrival in Thailand

For fully vaccinated international visitors, you don’t have to do anything. Besides the usual, going through immigration, picking up your luggage, watching out for ladyboys, and you’re good to go!

Everything should take less than five minutes required for the entire process. The longest wait might be waiting in line at immigration to get the stamp on your passport and waiting to get your luggage. But since fewer people are travelling, there shouldn’t be any long lines, and the beaches will not be overcrowded.

Once you’re outside the airport, there are no other restrictions.

For Unvaccinated International Visitors:

  • If the pre-travel PCR test certificate is negative, they will not be required to do the mandatory quarantine.
  • If the visitors cannot submit a negative pre-travel PCR test certificate obtained 72 hours before arrival in Thailand, they will face a 5-day mandatory quarantine.
  • Unvaccinated international visitors who are unable or reluctant to take a PCR test before travelling may still apply for a Thailand Pass. Still, they must pre-book 5 days of quarantine at a hotel.

To sum everything up, there will be no more ‘Test & Go’ or ‘Sandbox’ programs for all tourists, regardless of vaccination status.

Cancellation of Thailand Pass Registration

Getting into Thailand after May 1 is now a breeze, especially for fully vaxed visitors and Thai nationals.

By getting rid of the Thailand Pass, Thai embassies and consulates will have to do less work to approve other documents.

The Tourism and Sports Minister said the abolition of the Thailand Pass would lead to a more seamless travel experience that would increase tourism to Thailand.

What is it really like inside Thailand right now?

A large number of tourists may be seen wandering the streets of Bangkok. There is a noticeable increase in foreign visitors. You can see foreign tourists coming to beaches and temples, while many shops are at full capacity, although many are still closed.

Hotels and tour companies are busy with the influx of foreign tourists, though most of the visitors are Thais from other parts of the country, and only a few are from Europe.

There are hardly any Chinese tourists in Thailand at the moment. Nearly 400 million Chinese are estimated to be under some form of lockdown in China in April. Xi Jinping wanted to stop the fast-moving Omicron outbreak with their zero COVID strategy. The Russians have been struck hard with sanctions and can’t use their bank or credit cards. Making it impossible for most Russians to travel abroad. If they are in Thailand, they are likely stranded here.

In Pattaya, all the beaches are open, as are the stores and shops. Although many of the stores are still closed, many more are likely to be closed until they get a new owner. Walking Street is open, and it is now closed off to vehicles during the evenings, just like before. In my opinion, about 10–30% of the bars and shops are open in Pattaya. The open ones are at full capacity.

Thailand is still fighting the omicron wave, with new daily cases averaging around 20,000 and deaths at a six-month high. Other Covid-easing methods authorized by the task force:

Restaurants can offer alcohol till midnight on May 1st. Pubs, bars, and karaoke parlours.

Face Mask

Face masks are one last thing you need to know. The wearing of masks is encouraged rather than mandated in many parts of Thailand, where you will observe the majority of Thais do wear face masks. The general rule of thumb is to wear a face mask indoors and in crowded places, but not mandatory. This includes shopping malls, airports, inside a taxi, subway, or 7/11 and many other establishments. Anywhere with large crowds is a good idea to cover up. If you walk down the street, most people still wear face masks.

If you’re on the beach, wearing a mask is optional. Also, when sipping on a beer in your favourite bar, somewhere in Pattaya, next to a ladyboy.


Travel laws and restrictions can change at any time and without notice. You are entirely responsible for deciding whether or not to travel. Before departing, check with your consulate or embassy to see if any changes to the entry restrictions in Thailand and your country.

If you are planning to travel to the Kingdom, for many, now will be the easiest time to enter the Kingdom for more than 2 years. Check out our free ebook for our free guides to the country. It contains valuable tips from a real traveller; this includes info on visas, transportation, festivals, money-saving ideas, etc.


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