Wind energy pros and cons: Wind as renewable energy

What are the pros and cons of wind energy? Like many other form of energy production, producing electricity from wind has many pros and cons. Here are wind energy pros and cons.

Wind Energy Pros and Cons

Wind Pros

Wind Cons

Wind energy is now cost competitive compare to other sources of energy like natural gas.

Harnessing the power of wind and turn it into electricity is the least expensive of all other renewable energy. It is affordable enough for farmers to build their wind farm to earn steady income.

Wind is free; there is wind all over the world. There is endless supply of wind and this mean blackouts and power failures are almost non-existent for people who rely on wind power.

On average, the cost of a wind turbine, the installation and the operation will be paid back within the first 6 months of operation.

New modern wind turbines are design to produce more electricity and are quieter than its predecessors because of the improve blades.

Turning wind into electricity does not output any pollution, no radioactive waste, does not emit toxic into the hemisphere, does not contribute to global warming, and does not need fossil fuel, no need for coal or oil, that mean wind is environmentally friendly.

The use of wind allows us to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy like fossil fuel.

Create new jobs and keep the local economy strong.

Wind energy can provide a stable and long-term power supply.

Some wind power plant rent land from local farmers and that support the local economy.

Many windy locations that are suitable for wind farms are located in remote areas and far away from the electricity demand in the cities. Expensive and long power wires will need to connect the wind turbines to the cities where the electricity from the wind will be use.

Wind turbines have the potential to harm or kill birds and bats, as they cannot see the propellers especially when they are flying at night. However, statistics have shown that other human activities like traffic, hunting, pollution and high-rise buildings killed more wildlife than wind turbines.

Wind turbine install in poor design structures usually breaks apart over time.

Few people consider wind turbines undesirable in appearance because they are very big and tall.

Wind turbines can be damage or destroy in a thunderstorm because wind turbines are tall and made out of steel or metal. The National Lighting Safety Institute concluded that most wind turbines damages were cause by lightening especially in the warmer part of the world.

Wind flow does not always flow the same speed all the time. This mean the production of electricity from wind is never consistent.

Wind turbines can produce sound about 50-60 decibel. The slower the propellers spin the louder the sound.

I hope you have better understandings of pros and cons of wind energy. Wind has a number of pros and provides a relatively inexpensive form of renewable energy without warming the environment. However, there are also a number of cons with regards of birds and bats flying into them.

Wind is almost the prefect tool to provide us with endless supply of renewable energy.


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13 thoughts on “Wind energy pros and cons: Wind as renewable energy

  1. Here's more cons. You will need to get your local government to approve any area before you can build a wind turbine. Another cons is that your land or home value may be affected.

  2. One more thing. Wind energy is absolutely the better option than coal or nuclear, however it is difficult to build windmills or wind turbine anywhere. They can also make some noise too, but it's not that bad if you're not too close to it.

    The way I think is that it is a small price to pay if we can generate a clean and reliable source of energy. I don't think there is a way to make it safe for birds from flying into it.

  3. Cons of windmills
    Negative sides of using windmills
    – The performance of wind mills depends on wind, weather and geography.

    – Wind energy, comparatively to solar panels, requires greater maintenance due to moving parts and you would have to replace the bearings of the turbine once every 5 years.

    – Wind mills can be a potential threat to the lives of flying animals like birds and bats.

    – Wind mills are immediately noticed at a particular location, and their visual impact may affect the desirability and property values in the neighborhood, which could create a hurdle to its installation in the first place.

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