Thailand Tourist Traps – Thailand Travel Tips

Source: Thailand is one of my favourite places to visit for my holiday. Twenty old years ago, not too many people would consider vacationing, living or retiring here, but as of now. Thailand is no longer off the beaten path as its popularity among foreigners fit all budget and lifestyle. From backpackers, budget-minded people, […]

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Family Can’t Leave Country Because Son’s Thai Passport After Their Thailand Family Vacation

A British man married to a Thai woman and their son who is half Thai/British. All three went on a Thailand family vacation, but when it was time to check in at Bangkok international airport to leave. The airport authorities refused to let their 13-year-old son board because of his British passport. After four weeks […]

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Thailand or The Philippines?Best place to find love, retire & live

Thailand or The Philippines?
Best place to find love, retire & live

Should you go to stay in Thailand or the Philippines? I’ll compare the two countries about love, language, culture, beaches/islands, food, accommodation, healthcare, infrastructure, internet connection, TV, crime & safety and visa. When you finish reading, you will have a better understanding of both countries and what you can expect once you’re here. I already […]

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