Family Can’t Leave Country Because Son’s Thai Passport After Their Thailand Family Vacation

A British man married to a Thai woman and their son who is half Thai/British. All three went on a Thailand family vacation, but when it was time to check in at Bangkok international airport to leave. The airport authorities refused to let their 13-year-old son board because of his British passport.

Thailand Family Vacation That Can't Leave Thailand Because of Son's Expired Passport

After four weeks of traveling and vacationing on their Thailand family vacation. This family returned to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to catch their flight back to Scotland.

Their son is a dual citizen, British and Thai. He has a British passport as well as a Thai passport.

When the family went to check-in at the counter in the airport, the airport staff realized the son’s Thai passport had already expired.

So the parents handed over their son’s valid British passport. However the airport staff refused to accept the British passport because the son did not enter the country using that passport.

You must use the same passport to enter and exit the country. Therefore, the son was not allowed to leave Thailand until his Thai passport can be renew.

The family had no choice but to stay in Thailand until their son renew his Thai passport.

The family said they spent over 2,000 UK pounds in traveling and accommodations. A family friend had flown over the son’s birth certificate for the son to get a Thai ID. The Thai ID is use as well as the birth certificate to obtain a Thai passport.

As a result, the family had been fine for overstaying their visa for one month. That’s 500 baht per day and since there were three of them, that would cost about 45,000 baht (about $1,400 USD). The family also had to ask their bosses for an extended holiday from their jobs.

Before traveling, make sure you have your passport valid for at least six months when planning your Thailand family vacation or other South East Asia trip. Because things like this may end up happening to you if you’re not careful and the staff at the airport were just doing their job.

Anyway, it should not be this difficult and costly. I think getting a Thai passport is pretty straightforward and easy if you have a Thai ID card and the birth certificate in Thailand. All it takes is for you go to a passport building somewhere in Thailand. Fill out a form, which is about one page long, pay about 1,000 baht (about $32 USD), you don’t even need to bring your passport photo. They can be taken at the Thai passport office which is included with the 1,000 baht fee.

Everything took about 1-2 hours, max 3 hours if there are a lot of people waiting.

Then wait for the Thai passport to be mail to you in about 10 business days. That’s it.

Does anyone here have a Thai passport? Did you ever had any problem entering or leaving Thailand?

If so, what was the issue and what was your solution? Please share your experience below as other can learn from it.


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