Can you give a clip about obtaining different types of Thai Visa?

What do you do for a living?

Where to buy my Thailand guides?

What software I use?


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Author: Thom

Hi, I’m currently living in Thailand. I’m a artist, designer, travel blogger, and sometimes a YouTuber... Tags: Viator Tours Thailand, Viator Bangkok Airport Transfer, Chiang Mai Viator

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11 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi, great video on ten places to eat in CM, however I don’t get the Google maps link for address es ! Please send me and keep up the good work. Regards PS

  2. Hello Thom,
    I am a 54 year old man married to a Thai lady whom has immigrated to the USA 18 years ago since we married in the USA by way of the 90 day fiancé visa. We have decide that we (meaning myself as she is still plans to work) would retire in Chiang Mai Thailand when the time comes. So, I understand I have two Thai Visa options being a marriage visa or retirement visa. I will no have no problem meeting financial requirements for either visa, but I do have a few questions to make a decision much easier:

    1) Would it be better (easier) to apply for either Visa in US or in Bangkok? If in Thailand, what visa would I obtain meanwhile before applying for marriage or retirement visa?
    2) We have not decided whether or not to buy or rent a condo/home. Does one visa be favorable if we plan to buy a place?
    3) Which visa has the most time stay before having to renew it?
    4) Does either visa require us to go back to the USA to renew? I heard that border runs are no longer an option?
    5) If our daughter (who will be about 18 yrs. old when we move) decides to move with us, will she need a special visa?
    6) Do you recommend having a Thai bank account established well before applying for visa or moving to Thailand?
    7) I imagine that I can have my Social Security, 401k & pension direct deposited to my current USA bank and when living in Thailand just transfer needed funds to the Thai bank on a monthly basis. How do you do deal with your funding? Or what would you recommend being safest or cheapest?
    8) Is there such a thing as a checking account in Thai banks? How do expats or Thai pay for rent, mortgages or monthly bills?
    9) Do you recommend using a relatives home address in the states for any correspondence for existing US credit cards, tax purposes, etc. Any recommendations on this is appreciated. I believe it may be something that comes up with anyone being an expat.

    Sorry for such a long request, but I truly value your opinion since you have been an expat for long time.

    Thank You In Advance,

  3. Hi Thom

    I have a Facebook group called “Discussing the Real Thailand” which, for longer articles, directs members to my web-page, http://www.BestThailandBooks.com

    That site already has 26 posts in “Blog Posts” and an even greater number in the archive.

    I have a Thai Focus Group made up of Thais from all sections of Thai society, from poor farmers to top government officers, from Bangkok to the regions of Isaan and Lanna.

    I have always that wide perspective invaluable in posting and writing creditable facts and comments on Thailand. A far cry from some of the stuff one reads on social media.

    Your YouTube channel impressed me as you have the advantage of being Thai and therefore knowing what you’re talking about. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of working together and cross-fertilizing my web-page and group with your channel. Linking my blog and http://www.BestThailandBooks.com to Keyframe5Thailand would benefit both my members and readers and your subscribers.

    I notice your “contact us” is down and has not been used since September 2016. hence my contacting you here.

  4. Hi , I ‘m looking for another small town like C M where cheap and fresh air not crowded but I like more cooler area because the heat cause my blood pressure to go higher then normal sometimes also where internet is good and I teach English on skype so I not so concern about the beach very humid and hot so if you know let me know I am from South Africa living in Taiwan and teach online living expenses 2 high and food and accommodations very expensive so if you know of a better place please let me know cost of living in that area I use my nick name all the time Jim Dale thanks

  5. Hey Thom,
    You should have a meet up.
    I would love to meet up with you.
    I just moved to Thailand about a month ago.
    I am working and living in Chiang Mai.


  6. Hi Thom
    Sawadee Krap

    I too lived in Thailand for nearly 7 years, but to get to the point, I have a daughter that was born in Thailand. A year ago your video had and English guy married to his Thai wife that had a passport issue in at the airport.
    My daughter needed to be listed on her Thai families Tabian Baan. ( house papers ) We drove to the village and had this taken care of. From there we obtained an Thai ID and went and got her passport.

    As for the Ausie Dude that got popped with his wife, he had a ton of cash, buying businesses on Soi buakhao. I was there when he purchased the massage and rooming house with a small bar, it was the end corner business. I actually was listing it, but he purchased the business next door and was offered the other too. Enjoy your videos

  7. Hey is true that many expats are being evicted out of Thailand? I’m writing a paper about Thailand immigration policies for college graduate political landscape class and a requirement is that I need to include real life events with in my paper.

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