Joe Ferrari (Thitisan Utthanaphon), Former Thailand’s Top Cop Arrested

Joe Ferrari (Thitisan Utthanaphon), Former Thailand's Top Cop Arrested

A major headline in Thai media, this is all over Thai press, is the arrest warrant for seven former police officers for the death of a suspect under their custody.

They are accusing the former Police Colonel, nickname “Joe Ferrari,” allegation of extortion of 2 million baht. The former Police Colonel went into hiding, and investigators found he has assets value about 100 million baht (about $3 million USD).

In comparison, his monthly salary was 43,000 baht ($1,400 USD) a month. Still, there doesn’t seem to be anything illegal about his wealth, and the plastic bag over the suspect’s head claimed to extract information, not money and to block the suspect from seeing his face. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding? I’ll tell you all about it.

Also, if you ever wonder what happened if someone gets caught smuggling illegal cars into Thailand or someone gets their assets seized by the Thai police? What happens to those items? If you like to know, stick around, I think I might have the answer.

Video Leaked – Drug Suspect Die in Police Custody

Leak video of Thai police torture and killing of a drug suspect in Thailand.

What happened was a group of former Thai police officers, lead by a former Police Colonel, nickname “Joe Ferrari,” who was allegedly caught on camera extorting and suffocating a drug suspect who pass away in their custody.

The suspect was handcuffed, sitting on a chair with plastic bags covering his head, who later passed away.

His death certificate state he died from an overdose. The hospital that submitted the death certificate is also under investigation.

Seven Former Thai Police Officers Arrested

Seven Thai police officers arrested, includes Joe Ferrari (Thitisan Utthanaphon).

The seven police allegedly involved in this incident have been dismissed from their positions, and arrest warrants have been issued.

A junior officer was the person who leaked the video evidence. So there are good police officers too. He should be promoted, I hope.

If found guilty, “Joe Ferrari” could be jailed for life.

Joe Ferrari Denies All Allegations

“Joe Ferrari,” said the plastics used to cover the suspect’s head was to extract more information, and it was not to extort him for money.

Well, I guess everything is ok, right? Perhaps the investigation is done, and “Joe Ferrari” might be released soon. Maybe it’s all misunderstanding. I don’t know.

Joe Ferrari’s Massive Wealth

Joe Ferrari's 29 cars

When investigators investigated “Joe Ferrari,” they found a list of 29 cars he owns. A Porsche, half dozen of Mercedes Ben, a Bentley, Ferrari, reports said this is the only Ferrari model in the country. Hence his nickname “Joe Ferrari.”

Another supercar he owns is a Lambo, and of course, a Honda Civic. If you’re Asian, your car collection will need a Honda Civic.

He also has a luxury home in Bangkok where he parks his cars, and that luxury home is estimated to be about 60 million baht or about 2 million USD. The luxury home and his 29 cars are valued at about 100 million baht or 3 million USD. Apparently, that’s all legal and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Not bad for a 40 something-year-old police colonel, on a 43,000 baht per month salary.

Maybe he’s holding the cars for a friend?

Or somehow, all of his wealth was acquired perfectly legally. If not, how do the Office of the Inspector General, the Anti-Money Laundering Office and the National Anti-Corruption Commission keep missing these high-earning cops?

How Joe Ferrari Got So Rich?

If you ever wonder what happens to the assets when the Thai police seize cars?

This will give you a good clue of where they ended up and how “Joe Ferrari” gets his 29 cars.

My source is here from Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley all part of wanted Nakhon Sawan cop’s fleet of cars

The Customs Department’s director-general said “Joe Ferrari” had 29 cars parked in his home in Bangkok. This fleet, valued at 175.28 million baht, includes a 47-million-baht Lamborghini Aventador.

The Customs Department’s director-general added that he owns another 13 cars, including a Porsche and Bentley, that he had bought in a customs auction in 2012.

The Customs Department has sold 363 of the 368 cars “Joe Ferrari” helped seize and has earned 1 billion baht from the sale. The Customs Department’s added the officers were given 40-per-cent of the proceeds earned from the sale of cars they seized, and in this case, “Joe Ferrari” is entitled to 400 million baht, according to the

So it seems to me it was perfectly ok and legal for “Joe Ferrari” to have those cars if this report by is correct.

Maybe it is all a misunderstanding, but what do you think?

If there was no video leak, do you think he would have got away?

I think in this society, the answer is most likely yes. But what do you think?


Now Joe Ferrari will have to go to court, and his defence team plan to argue that he was guilty of manslaughter and not murder.

The manslaughter charge will be between 3-15 years in jail. Some other sources say 15-20 years, and if this is his first-time offence, it may be suspended. Compared to the murder charge, which is a high crime. He can get the death sentence if convicted.


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