Thai Cabinet Approves Compulsory Insurance For Long-Term Foreigners

This news is about the propose mandatory health insurance for people applying for a non-immigrant OA visa. Also known as the retirement visa, there are other retirement visas, and the OA visa is one of them. But this propose mandatory health insurance I’m talking about is only for people applying for the OA visa and not any other type of visa.

It was announced that the mandatory health insurance was supposed to take effect on July this year, for people applying for the OA visa. But so far, it had not happened at the time of this recording.

Cabinet approves mandatory health insurance for long-stay visas

Following the announcement on May 8 by the Chief of the Department of Health Service Support, Cabinet has approved the new policy, but it is not law and being enforced.

According to the Department of Health Service Support, the policy covers every foreigner over the age of 50 seeking a 1-year non-immigrant O-A visa and also to foreigners seeking to “renew” their one-year permits-to-stay.

As of the time of this recording, foreigners seeking to extend their stay under a non-immigrant O-A visa also called “retirement visa” do not need to show that they have acquired the compulsory health insurance that senior officials stated will be introduced “imminently” in Bangkok some months back.


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