Summit Energy furnace insurance

I got a phone call from sumitt energy to day , asking saying that they work for enbridge gas , and that I can insure my furnace for $12, a month, I fell for it, I said ok ! but then I put the phone down and wondered why they asked me what my account number was with enbridge? I realised that it was a scm < I phoned back imediatly , to cancel , I was told that it had already gone through and I would have to wait 10 days until I got the papers , and then I caould cancel , what should I do , Please help.


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One thought on “Summit Energy furnace insurance

  1. You should be able to cancel right away. There is no need to wait for 10 days.

    Summit Energy want you to wait 10 days, then you are lockin to their contract.

    Call them again, ask for a cancellation confirmation number, ask for the agent id number you talked to and write both numbers down.

    If you can, get the recording of them refusing to cancel you just in-case you need to prove that. If you have a digital camera, turn on a speaker phone so you can record the call, or record it on your computer if you have a computer, or use your iphone to record.

    Let me know what happen.

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