Don’t live in Thailand – said my friend

Hello, welcome to my blog. I’m Thom, I’m Thai/Chinese and I was born in Thailand. However I was raised in Canada and been living there for over 25 years.

As you may already know, I made a drastic decision to permanently move to Thailand. I wrote about my reasons in the posts Reasons to move to Thailand and “My pros and cons of living in Thailand”. When I told my family about this, they were cool about it. Since I’m from Thailand myself, my parents even encouraged me to go. Everyone encouraged me to go, except for a good friend that I have know since high school. Even though my friend’s family also came from Isaan/Laos and he was born in Canada, he insisted it was not a good idea for me to work and live in Thailand. I told him my reasons outlined in this post, and he still thought it was a bad idea.

Why my friend think it’s a bad idea to move to Thailand

Although I have many reasons why I’m moving to Thailand, my friend always brings up the part about a Thai girlfriend.

My friend believes the Thai girls will only be interested in my money and not love. That’s a legitimate point but not a deal breaker for me because I am well aware of that. I accept it, and it is okay with me if that happens. It is not as if I’m going to give them thousands of dollars.

My friend expressed a concern that Thai girls would give up everything including their body and pretend to love me in exchange for a better life. I told him, “That’s good. What’s wrong with that?” Why do people assume only the poor live in Thailand? Plenty of Thai girls come from wealthy families that make more money than my family back in Canada.

I also said to my friend, “Another way to look at it is this. If I was to stay in the West and settle down with a western girl or an Asian girl that grew up in the west, then I would be the one doing the pretending.”

Another friend tried to scare me by saying it was dangerous, and there were too many lady boys. I told him, “With all of my time traveling in Thailand, I never once felt scared for my life.” Ok I lied. Except for the one time I was in a taxi without a seat belt, and we were going about 100 miles per hour on a small street in the middle of the night.

About the lady boy, it’s just silly because not all Thais are transgender. It’s just a small percentage of the population. Besides, it is easy to tell if you’re talking to a transgender.

I don’t understand why some people are so against me going to Thailand. I think they’re just making excuses, because what do they really know about Thailand? Sure they might have went there a few times for vacation, but most of the time they were within tourist areas and their perspective about Thailand is misleading.

My advice to farangs that don’t get it – no one will cover your butt but you

Some farangs don’t get this, and for some reason do not realize it. No matter how much the Thai girl or Thai woman appears to be in love with you, you don’t want to make a mistake by giving all your money to her or her family. This is coming from a Thai guy. Heck, would you give all your money and savings to your wife or girlfriend back in the West? I know I wouldn’t. It’s just common sense. That’s why there are prenuptials in the West, and Thailand has those too. If a Thai girl is really after your money and you gave her all your money, what do you think will happen? She will take off on you regardless of whether she is Thai or from the West.

Just stay smart with your money and only give your Thai girl enough for daily life. I wouldn’t give anyone my life savings or most of my savings even if I got married. No matter how much I’m in love with her, giving someone all my money would be the dumpiest thing ever!

At the end of the day, I need to cover my own ass because no one else will. You too need to cover your own asses. Giving anyone or a Thai girl all your money because you’re in love is just plan stupid to me. If you’re willingly giving away all your money to a Thai girl, and if she leaves you later on or becomes less involved with you, then I don’t have any sympathy for you, and I don’t blame the Thai girl for taking your money because you were the one that gave it to her. It was not all her fault. No one was holding a gun to your head.

If you’re one of those farangs who consider jumping off a building because you are dead broke from you own stupidity, I only hope you find hard cement to die on. However before you make that swirling leap down to your death, please write your name in the comment section below and tell us what happened.

Is it really a bad idea to move to Thailand?

This post is about why my friends think it’s a bad idea for me to live in Thailand. If I don’t do it now while I’m still single with no children and with little responsibility, I don’t think I will later on in my life. It’s now or never. Plus by moving to Thailand, I will have the opportunity to work on my own stuff. And if everything falls in to place correctly, I could live out my dreams. The possibility of living out my dreams will be more than worth it.

Will Thailand make ME/YOU happy?

Something to ask yourself. Will it make me happy to continue living with the status quo?

Will I be happy to move to Thailand? Without a doubt, I’m going to move to Thailand, and I will let you know if I am happier here or if I ever change my mind or have any regrets.

What do you think? Are you currently living in Thailand and did it go sour? Did you have any regrets living there?

What will make you happier? Living Thailand or going back home?

Please share your story in the comment area below.


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