When is the best time to visit Thailand?

A lot of people have asked me this: “When is the best time to visit Thailand?

The answer to that question is different from different people. But in general I would say any time is the best time because it’s mainly summer all year round in Thailand.

Then again, there is the heavy rain or the monsoon season which usually starts as early as April or May, but officially starts in June and ends as late as October.

During the heavy rain or the monsoon season, it may rain for days and feel slightly cooler.

Perhaps you might want to stay home during the monsoon season but I don’t find it that bad.

The great thing I love about the heavy rain or the monsoon season is that it occurs during the low season in Thailand, which means there are fewer tourists which translates to less demand for hotels and other services, helping drive the costs down.

High season in Thailand starts around October and ends around March

This is when most tourists come to visit Thailand, trying to escape the winter in their home country. Prices for hotels in most tourist spots can increase anywhere from 30% up to 100%.

High season means higher prices and more crowding but it doesn’t mean it is unbearable.

Low season in Thailand starts around April and ends around September

I like to visit Thailand during the low seasons since there are fewer tourists and costs are lower.

If you can make it during the low season and would like to save some money, you should go during this period.


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