The Four Wives of This Asian Man Don’t Mind Sharing Him

The four wives of this Asian man don't mind sharing him.

This is a story about a Thai man and his three wives in Thailand. Who became popular on the Internet, attracting the attention of netizens. Unexpectedly, this family has recently added a new member, a fourth wife. With “1 husband and 4 wives”, the whole family of 5 is happy and goes to the temple together to do meritorious deeds!

Waraphon, the first wife, shared a group photo of her husband and 4 wives on Facebook to respond to the doubts of netizens by saying that although the husband has 3 wives, he must obtain her consent before they can have time together. She went on to say that it is preferable to be open, than having her husband sneaking out and have secret affairs with the other women. People only need to know these things, and they don’t have to worry about her!

The first wife also said that she and her husband have shared both times of happiness and success as well as times of sadness and difficulty. They have spent many difficult years together. She said, “The entire family loves one another. I’m proud of my husband. ” Their union has nothing to do with money. Although they are one husband and four wives, the family has always been in love with each other, and she is proud of her husband.

Polygamy has been forbidden in Thailand since 1935, but some Thais still practice it today. This means the first wife is the only wife legally married to him.

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