Thailand Tourism News: Officially Reopen to Tourists

Updated on November 18:
Single Entry Tourist Visa (TR) no longer require 500,000 baht or $17,000 USD in your bank account

Eligible travellers who are allowed to enter Thailand

  1. Diplomats and officials of international organizations
  2. Work permit holders
  3. Non-Thai who are going to work in Thailand
  4. Family members of Thai nationals (spouse/child/parent)
  5. Medical treatment in Thailand
  6. Students attending schools and universities in Thailand
  7. Non-Thai nationals who have the Residence Permanent Status
  8. Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country or have been granted permission by the Prime Minister:
    • H1 – Thailand long-stay retirement visa (O-A & O-X) and Non-Immigration (Retirement) (90 days)
    • H2 – Thailand Privilege Cardholder/ Thai Elite Cardholder
    • H3 – Media production or Filming
  9. Tourist (TR)
  10. Non-Thai who own property in Thailand

More info below:

Royal Thai Embassy, Washington D.C.

Royal Thai Embassy, London

Royal Thai Embassy, Ottawa

Royal Thai Consulate Perth

Quarantine Hotels or

Visas NOT permitted to enter Thailand

Currently, the following types of visas are NOT permitted to enter Thailand:

  • Transit passengers (TS)
  • Sports visa holders (S)
  • Monks and other religious visa holders (R) and their spouses or children
  • Volunteers (O)
  • non-formal students visa holders (such as language schools, diving schools, boxing schools).

Due to a high number of infection rate, the APEC card holders and the applicants who are currently in the USA and wish to obtain Special Tourist Visa (STV) do not fall under the categories that could enter Thailand at the moment, please check back regularly for any updates.

International Flights to Thailand

Regarding flights to Thailand, please be advised that normal commercial passenger flights into Thailand have been suspended until further notice. Nevertheless, the Thai Government organizes repatriation flights for Thai nationals to return to Thailand on a regular basis and the semi-commercial flights that are permitted to enter Thailand. For the semi-commercial flights, please contact the airlines directly.

Semi-commercial flights (For the availability and flights information, please contact the airlines directly)

At present, certain air operators are permitted to operate semi-commercial flights to Thailand, and the list of air operators participating in the semi-commercial flights’ program can be found here

Before booking flights to Thailand with the above-mentioned air operators, travellers should ensure that they study the different categories of visas granted to foreign nationals at this time to determine the possibility of travel. Please note that having plane tickets does not guarantee entry to Thailand, non-Thai travellers must have all the required documents to enter Thailand. (Please note that the visa processing time is around 15 business days and you should plan your flight properly to minimize your risk of not getting a visa & COE in time):


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